Jul 28

Winning the Battle Against Cancer – Elaine Hulliberger

What a journey.

Elaine’s husband Dropped dead at her feet, and weeks later she was diagnosed winning_the_battle_against_cancerwith Cancer.  Not only was it cancer, but it was metastasised

Great sub-title

I just love that “power to the people” “stick it up em” phrase in the sub-title.  “they said I was going to die, but I didn’t”, brilliant!

Everyone has a book in them

Now you have heard the expression, that everyone has a book inside them, well this is Elaine’s book.  No, she’s not a well established novelist, and there are quite a few spelling mistakes / grammatical errors, but it doesn’t take anything away from her remarkable story.

Conventional Treadmill

Her journey takes her down the conventional treatment treadmill of Chemo, radiation, and finally surgery, but the surgery is only after the protocel has “worked” and her disbelieving oncologist gives her the great news.  She has now vowed to take protocel for the rest of her life.

Protocel® is her saviour

Reading the story, I can’t understand why she doesn’t “get it” that protocel is working.  Maybe it’s just the “disbelief” factor kicking in.  What I mean by that is, most people, when first diagnosed with cancer, don”t believe that there could be other none toxic treatments out there that actually work.  Surely if that was true, then every doctor on the planet would be subscribing them.  So, you can see from her perspective, she is, as many people are, completely in the dark.

Would I recommend this book?

Yes, it is definitely worth a read.  However, it’s no “education manual” if you have cancer.  Stick to Ty Bollinger and Tanya Harter – Pierce for that, the latter being the definitive guide on protocel®, Which is this lady’s ultimate saviour.


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