Mar 25

Why We’re Still Dying to know the truth – Philip Day

Phillip Day.

philip_day_book_coverWhat a great read.  Phillip day talks about the whole B-17 story, and goes into great detail.  A great book having read a world without cancer you can see where much of Phillip has gained his information from.

Fully Resourced

Every single page has a note about the sources of information in the book, so you can double check it yourself.

Amazing Reviews on Amazon

With thirty one *5 star reviews on amazon, and some from TERMINAL cancer patients, I needn’t say anymore.  You can follow the link and read their stories yourself.

Do I recommend this book?

Yes, wholeheartedly, if you only buy one book for treating yourself then this or Ty Bollinger should be it.  In fact, I would say, make sure you buy both.

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