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We can eradicate cancer in 5 years GcMAF

This is an absolutely FACT.

What a statement to make.  Yes, I know it’s astounding, but it’s absolutely true.

In the pages you can download here you can learn about two amazing proteins: GcMAF (glycoprotein macrophage activating factor) and Nagalase (alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase). These two natural bioidentical protein molecules (made by our bodies using our own genetic program) have the potential to prevent a lot of human suffering and save millions of lives.

Research studies have shown how we can use GcMAF and Nagalase to:

  • identify the presence of—and reverse—metastatic cancer
  • cure HIV and other chronic viral infections
  • detect and reverse early cancers long before imaging can identify them
  • determine whether a cancer treatment program is working

Nagalase screening, coupled with early treatment using GcMAF, has the potential to rid the world of the scourge of cancer. This is a strong statement, but anyone who carefully examines the science behind GcMAF, Nagalase, and the molecular biology of macrophage activation will realize it is true.

Nutshell time.  Nagalase, and GcMAF

GcMAF is your body’s kick starter to your immune system, but N-acetyl-galactosaminidase (Nagalase) is the bad guy which effectively (you can read all the details in the book) disrupts this process and therefore weakens your immune system.

Immunotherapy naturally is the real clincher.

So, the real answer to cancer is our wonderful human body.  With GcMAF helping to get rid of the nagalase, we can finally eradicate this terrible disease for good.

Download the book.

I have taken the original text and turned it into many downloadable formats for you to read at your leisure.  Please do, It is the most amazing text you will ever read, and it is backed up by real science.  Follow the links to the Science behind it all.

We can literally eradicate cancer within the next 5 years.

Download the book.

PDF Format

MOBI Format

EPUB Format

TXT Format

OPF format


The Dr. Yamamoto Papers

Breast Cancer Paper

Prostate Cancer Paper

Colorectal Cancer Paper

Note: It seems like big pharma has got to him because this says retracted all over it.  However, the truth is out there.  We can’t un-learn what we know.

AIDS Paper

Again, this says retracted.

Chapter 36

See chapter 36 of the book for many more scientific references of this ground breaking work.



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  1. Rafael

    Hi Vincent,

    I have pdf from Ruggiero lecture Nov_29 2015 Fulda_Heinz3 about new GcMaf called Rerum. Please contact me if you would like have one.

    Best regards,

    1. Joanie Kirk. ND

      Interested in pdf on Rerum. Thank you

      1. Vincent Gledhill

        The PDF is at the top right of the page for you to freely download.

  2. Naz Shah

    Hi I was directed to your website by a friend.

    We wanted to know about GcMaf, we live near London and have heard many amazing things about it. I wanted to know if it is right for me.

    My name is Nazreen in 2008/9 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer to my right breast. I was treated with Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and mastectomy and reconstruct of the breast, and told to continue on Tamoxifen.

    After 18 months I was given the clear and was told I could stop the Tamoxifen as I wanted to conceive, then after a few months I developed a pain on my left rib, so I went back to my consultant and asked them to look. After 3 months I was told that it had returned and I now had ‘Stage 4 breast cancer with secondary bone mets – incurable’.
    Since then the consultant put me on Xgeva(Denosumab), Zoladex and put me back on the Tamoxifen.
    My cancer tumour markers in my blood have been rising in the last year and are now at approx 4000.

    Anew lump has developed in my left breast and is around 4-5cm, it has been there for about the last 6 months and a scab has developed on my left breast.

    Last week I pushed my doctor to send me for a CT scan and today I phoned them to get the results:
    There are some ‘nodules’ that are very small approx 1cm on the lung and a small suspicious mark on her liver and the new lump in the breast may have enlarged slightly. Their advice was to come in for a consultation and suggested treatments would be to change Tamoxifen and replace with Letrozsole and if symptoms develop then look at chemotherapy, a small tablet form that would not make the hair fall out. Obviously I am shaken but we want to be proactive with this.

    Please advise, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Warm Regards
    Nazreen Shah

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Hi Nazreen.

      Please give me a call on my mobile the number is on the top right of this site.

  3. Joan Rijkels

    Just rec’d an email from Dr. Reinwald – supplier of MAP and BRAVO probiotics – with the following info.
    for what it”s worth…

    Prof. Ruggiero held a splendid lecture at the Medical Week in Baden Baden telling the story about the
    new Rerum which is the successor of GOleic.

    At the same time he deconstructed the myth about the protein as the main acting substance in GcMAF as well as the false conception of Nagalase being a tumor marker

    The auditory was excited and the feedback was enormous. If you want to hear about the Next Generation GcMAF/GOleic than you should visit our International Congress on Integrative Medicine in Fulda, Germany at 28-29. November.
    How to get to Fulda? Easy … just take a direct train from Frankfurt Airport which leaves there every 40 Minutes and needs about 50 Minutes to get there. 5 Minutes from the trainstation you will find the Congress Hotel.
    Please note: the phone number from the hotel is wrong .. the right one is
    +49 661 24291 – 999
    Register now
    Kind regards
    Heinz Reinwald

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Thank you for your Information Heinz. Is there a youtube video of the lecture by Prof. Ruggiero?

  4. Wiktor Gonet

    Actually the price is 4000 Euros for a week, 6000 Euros for 2 weeks, and 8000 Euros for 3 weeks. So the price for one week decreases as you make your stay longer.

  5. Steve Kellogg

    I have stage 4 metastatic cancer which has moved to my pelvis,spine,ribs and face. The tumor has always hurt until I started using GcMaf spray from http://www.1srproengineering.com. I use one squirt under my tongue for about 5 days a week. After two weeks my pain has lessened considerably and I hardly notice it. I can get 80 sprays in a bottle so for about $175 a month I have something that is really killing my cancer. I’ve resorted to taking it at night because it does tend to make me very tired. Clearly it is doing the job!

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Brilliant info Steve. You don’t say where in the world you are.

    2. Rutger

      Steve Kellog, the website you are giving for GcMaf is ofline i believe you meant to point out to: http://www.firstproengineering.com

  6. Fight Cures Naturallt

    Vincent Gledhill, I heard apricot bitter kernels know as B-17 will cure prostate cancer. Look it up on google and YouTube Prostate Cancer Cures.
    Very effective and inexpensive.

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      See the rest of the site for B17 information.

      Best book, is a world without cancer by Edward G Griffin.

  7. Ann Devlin

    Contact details for the GcMAF clinic: http://immunocentre.eu/what-is-gcmaf/

  8. Tim Pollard

    I have prostate cancer. Where can this GcMAF be purchased, or are there doctors working with cancer victims like myself who are utilizing it in therapy in the U.S. anywhere?
    I have a great need to know since I want to have a family and need to save my prostate.
    Please do not turn away like others have done on cancer sites, webpages, and even on Facebook pages…

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Hi Tim. I am really sorry to hear that people have turned you away. That’s awful. You won’t find anyone selling it or any doctors who are treating patients using it. They are afraid to. 8 of them have been killed so far. Did you read the book on this page? You’re best bet would be to purchase it yourself, but I don’t know if they will post to the US. See http://www.gcmaf.se

      Try watching all those Ty Bollinger video’s on this site, and join cancerucan on facebook.

    2. Ann Devlin

      Hi Tim and Vincent,
      As far as I am aware the clinics in Germany and Switzerland are still running and accepting patients, The problem is then getting enough stuff to continue with the treatment once the patient returns home. Ann

      1. Vincent Gledhill

        I have been in touch with them and they want 6000 euros a week for three weeks. You get to take home the rest of the GcMAF for your continued home treatment. Bully for them. Seems like a bit of profiteering going on to me.

        They won’t send it to the UK. However, if you travel to Europe, they will send it to your hotel for you to smuggle home yourself.

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