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Laetrile – Vitamin B17 – Apricot seeds


Vitamin B17 or so it is called, also known as Laetrile, is a cure from the foothills of the Himalayas.  The hunza people of northern Pakistan are Cancer Free.  They are cancer free because they eat the pits of Apricot Seeds, which are one of the richest sources of nitrilosides. I found a great website, based here in the UK which has lots of information called AntiCancerInfo, and yes, it’s got it’s critics, but history will tell me if it works or not.


Now it is not simply a matter of eating as many Apricot Seeds as you can lay your hands on, because this is a “co enzyme.  Which means you also need pancreatic enzyme supplements and zinc in order to benefit from it’s cancer beating properties.

Munch munch!, but I do have to say, Apricot Seeds are going to take some getting used to, they are very bitter with a strong after taste.  Having said that, half a dozen every two hours is nothing.  Apparently the Hunza people eat more than 100 a day, so my measly 50 or so is nothing compared.  However, you can purchase Laetrile in tablet form, which is more concentrated, which may be the way to go ultimately.

Oasis of hope – Laetrile and conventional.

At the Oasis o hope in Mexico Dr Francisco Contreras, M.D. is an extremely well trained expert in cancer who’s speciality is both conventional therapy and nutritional therapies, including B17, or Laetrile therapy, where appropriate.

Superior Results

100,000 patients have been treated at the Oasis of Hope Hospital since the year I was born (1963) and the current count is about 600 patients per year.  In 1981 they conducted an historical study to show the 5 year survival rate of “their”cancer patients.  This bearing in mind that 95% of the patients turned up with stage 4 cancer. Meaning that conventional therapy had failed, and that they were sent home to die.  My thoughts, what if people went there first?


Type of Cancer Number of Patients 5 Year Survival Rate (%)
Oasis Conventional *
Lung Cancer 200 30% 2%
Breast Cancer 130 39% 21%
Colon Cancer 150 30% 8%
Prostate Cancer 600 86% 33%
* Source: American Cancer Society, Cancer Facts and Figures 2001



Many patients say that chemo is actually worse than the disease, I suppose they must go through it because they believe they will get well in the end.


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  1. dd

    Is there such thing as b17 suppositories?
    Where can I get them?
    I’ll pay the costs whatever it is.

  2. Catherine Matthews

    Dear Vincent
    I have breast cancer spread to all of my bones / lung/ liver
    I went 5 years before it returned
    I am on a trial drug but will only last 16 month the longest
    Do you think b17 will help me and what do you take with it?
    I am thinking of canabis oil
    As there are lots of good results from this
    I live in uk
    I would appreciate any help you could give
    Kind Regard

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Don’t tell me. You’ve had a lot of antibiotics in the past?

  3. Henk de Valk, MD

    Dear Vincent Gledhill

    thanks for all information on your blog.
    Do you think laetril passes the blood brain barrier? This is of importance for people with brain cancer.
    Thank you so much,


    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Hi Henk.

      Sorry I don’t know about that. For brain cancer I would look at Protocel. Buy the book outsmart your cancer. See the books section of this site for more information.

  4. Susan Firth

    Hi ,to people worried about trying B/17 Apricot kernels …I took them as part of my treatment for breast cancer .I took 35 to 45 per day which I ground down into a juice made from fresh pineapple ….I also took 30 mg of zinc per day .I researched them and I obtained some from the same place as Vincents link/above .I took the b/17 in ground kernel form for 8 months …I had an operation prior to taking them and afterwards I had radiation.I refused chemotherapy and I also refused several other surgical options of which my oncologists said I needed …Thanks

  5. Vincent Gledhill

    Hi Mich.

    I went for an MRI scan last week and am waiting for the results. So far the doctors haven’t contacted me, I will obviously update this website when I get more information.

    You can get bitter apricot seeds here in the UK from Dayspring on 01483 418258

    They ship hundreds of them out a day.

  6. mich


    i’ve been following your journey since and I’m a great advocate of B17
    May i ask, have you had any progress yet regarding b17
    are u using the tablets or seeds or both?
    where in the UK are you getting your seeds

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Hi Mich.

      I went for an MRI scan last week and am waiting for the results. So far the doctors haven’t contacted me, I will obviously update this website when I get more information.

      You can get bitter apricot seeds here in the UK from Dayspring on 01483 418258

      They ship hundreds of them out a day.

  7. Patricia Warren

    Your blogg talks about lung, breast, colon and prostrate cancern but we have been diagnosed with glioblastoma, my spouse is 82 years of age and in great shape and health otherwise – was a star athlete and businessman all his life. Please help, if you can.

    Will laetrille possible work for us – my spouse has glioblastoma an aggressive form of cancer and has been given 6-8 months with out treatment and 1-2 years possibly with treatment.

    It is located in the left side of his brain about 8 inches in — too deep to operate – its incurable according to the doctors and they want to do radiation and chemotherapy together.

    I want to know more about laetril – the apricot seeds b17, where and how to get it asap and if this can work for us?

    thank you,

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Hi Patricia. You haven’t said where in the world you are, but B-17 may or may not be the answer anyway.

      Please read the http://www.cancertutor.com website and perticularly this article http://www.cancertutor.com/checkfast/

      You must select a treatment that is not going to cause a swelling whilst it is dealing with the cancer. There’s more treatments than just killing the cancer cells, you can turn them into “normal cells” instead.

      There is no way I would go down the chemotherapy or radiation route. The treatment is worse than the disease.

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