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Rife Machine


Royal Raymond Rife was a genius of a man and in the book, the cancer cure that worked, 50 years of suppression, Barry Lynes explains everything.

In essence, everything has a “frequency” at which it vibrates, and if you subject something to the right frequency, for long enough, you will break it apart.  Just like the opera singer shattering the glass, or the Tacoma Bride when it collapsed in 1940.  See the video for an explanation.

My own experience

Having read the book, and talked on the internet at length with other cancer sufferers, this was something I wanted to try.


I did a lot of searching on the internet, and stumbled upon a group of individuals, who, for the greater of mankind were working on a rife machine, and giving away the software for free.  The hardware was manufactured in China and was a fraction of the cost of other machines on the market.  This was too good an opportunity to miss.  I then purchased a kit and began working upon myself.

See the links to my diary section, where I spent months trying to eradicate my cancer with this equipment.  My friend Fiona, who had breast cancer with mets also had a number of “goes” with the spooky machine, but ultimately gave up on the system.

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