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The following text is an excerpt from the excellent book “Cancer Step Out of the Box” by Ty Bollinger.  Reproduced here, with his kind permission.

In the early 1960s, a Turkish doctor named H. Zima Ozel discovered a group of rural Turkish villagers who were amazingly healthy and disease free, compared to other similar villagers. When he investigated further, he found that the healthy villagers were all taking a folk remedy that had been used in the Middle East for over two millennia. This remedy was based on a common plant referred to in the Bible as the “desert Rose,” or more commonly to most of us, the oleander plant. This plant is a highly toxic plant when ingested raw, but the source of a wonderful remedy when properly prepared.

The term “ oleander ” refers to two plant species, Nerium oleander (common oleander) and Thevetia peruviana (yellow oleander). Both species contain chemicals called “cardiac glycosides” that have effects similar to the heart drug digoxin, which can be toxic. However, virtually every substance a person puts in their mouth is toxic if taken in high enough doses. Sugar is toxic if you eat too much of it. So is processed salt.

Let’s get back to our oleander history lesson. After his discovery, Dr. Ozel applied for a patent. In his patent application, he mentioned several case studies as well as one study which included 494 patients. Here is a quote from the patent application: “Between January 1981 and December 1985, 494 patients with inoperable, advanced malignant diseases were tested with NOI (injections of oleander). All malignancy had previously been diagnosed at various specialized medical institutions in Turkey and abroad. The malignancies of these patients had progressed to a state where they could no longer benefit from existing anti-tumor therapies. These 494 cases included examples of almost all varieties of malignancies and were found in various organs.”

These 494 patients experienced improved quality of life as well as regression of cancer, while reporting no notable side effects. The best results were said to be in prostate, lung, and brain cancers. Even sarcomas showed stabilization. Could it be that the oleander plant, when prepared in the correct manner and administered correctly, is preferentially toxic to cancer cells? If you remember, it is widely accepted that there are numerous natural substances that are toxic to cancer cells but harmless to normal cells. In fact, there are many natural substances that fit into this category. For example, purple concord grapes have more than a dozen such substances. One of the goals of alternative cancer researchers is to find substances that are toxic enough to kill cancer cells, but not so toxic that they kill normal cells.

This is where oleander comes into the equation. As I have mentioned, oleander is toxic. It should always be handled with gloves. There are many other safety warnings when dealing with the oleander plant. Rest assured, it is very toxic … to both cancer cells and normal cells. But when we are able to dilute it in the appropriate proportions, then it is still toxic to cancer cells but harmless to normal cells! This level of dilution and toxicity is now well-known.

Tony Isaacs has written what is, by far, the best eBook on oleander, entitled Cancer’s Natural Enemy . If you plan on using this protocol, please visit www.rose-laurel.com and purchase this eBook. It is very inexpensive and very informative. In an email from Mr. Isaacs to Webster Kehr, he stated, “I have heard nothing but good reports from those who have been using oleander soup or the oleander extract available now at Takesun do Brasil. Cancers gone, cancers in remission, tumors shrinking, etc. And the reports out of South Africa, where the government has embraced the mixture of oleander plus agaricus blazei murrill, pau de arco and cat’s claw extract combo (80% oleander) is that every single patient is doing well. HIV-AIDS halted and stabilized or even apparently reversed. And not one single report to date of a serious side effect or adverse reaction to oleander extract. It is a good feeling to be able to help someone.”

There is a chapter in the eBook titled “The Anti-Cancer and Disease Protocol,” which details an extremely effective program for anyone who wants to have the maximum chances of beating cancer and disease. This chapter includes information on cleaning and detoxification, diet, nutrition, building a strong immune system, and cancer-fighting supplements.

The simple and honest truth is that oleander works incredibly well. The remedy can be used alone, with other immune-boosting supplements, and even with prescription medications and conventional treatments such as the “Big 3.” From testimonials that I have read, I have learned that combining oleander with chemo or radiation will either eliminate or greatly lessen virtually all of the deleterious side effects, including hair loss!

There are two ways to take the oleander cancer treatment. The highly preferred way is to take it as a capsule or extract, since they have already been mixed to be at a safe level for humans but are at a toxic level for cancer cells. You can also purchase oleander capsules and extract at www.sutherlandiaopc.com . Charlene and I take a couple of these capsules every day as a “preventative.”

The second way to take this product is to make the “oleander soup” yourself. BEWARE: If you choose to make your own soup, even though the dilution factor is now well established, you should read and re-read Cancer’s Natural Enemy several times before you begin processing a real oleander plant, since the oleander plant is toxic. Even a small amount of the raw material, if ingested, can cause death .


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