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Life One


The following text is an excerpt from the excellent book “Cancer Step Out of the Box” by Ty Bollinger.  Reproduced here, with his kind permission.

LifeOne is a very specialized combination of natural herbal ingredients in liquid form bound in a specifically designed liposomal base. This liposomal base allows the full advantage of the active herbal ingredients to remain intact, without them being broken down in the digestive tract. This liposomal carrier enables the herbal active constituents to exert full effect on the immune system, malignancies and viruses. The active ingredients in LifeOne include the following natural herbs and ingredients:

Chrysin – a flavonoid derived from Passion Flower that has anti-oxidant capabilities and increases Tumor Necrosis Factor Coriolus versicolor – an anti-viral Chinese mushroom with cancer fighting effects which stimulates the immune system and inhibits invasion of cancer cells

Dindolymethane – a phytochemical found in cruciferous vegetables which has an anti-estrogen effect on cancer cells Resveratrol – an antioxidant in grapes which prevents platelet clumping, and blocks resistance to insulin, inhibits abnormal estrogen action and blocks viral replication and growth

Turmeric extract (curcumin) – antioxidant which strongly blocks inflammation, inhibits insulin resistance, inhibits metastasis in the body, and has beneficial effects on HIV viral reproduction 

Quercetin – a flavonoid that brings about programmed death of cancer cells (apoptosis)

Green Tea Extract – contains Epigallocatechin which is a primary cancer fighting agent and antioxidant

Selenium Methionine – an organic form of selenium which is an antioxidant, has cancer fighting effects in the body, stimulates the immune system, and helps restore selenium values which are low in cancer and AIDS patients

LifeOne provides the ammunition necessary for the body to recover from cancer, AIDS, and other immunodeficiency diseases. In the first month of LifeOne therapy it is common for weight to drop and for blood pressure to fall. The weight loss is explained by improved endocrine function with falling levels of estrogen production (reversing the excess estrogen common in most people). With less available estrogen, insulin sensitivity is restored and the body begins to burn glucose normally.

LifeOne’s mechanisms of action involve mobilization of killer lymphocytes to attack malignant cells, as well as killing many harmful viruses, and repairing the damaged immune system (which is always seen in cancer patients). It accomplishes this by stimulating production of killer lymphocytes and other lymphocytes that increase antibody production. LifeOne has two US patents as an immune healing product. Clinical trials of LifeOne in patients with cancer and HIV have been carried out in Venezuela and Mexico, respectively.

The standard recommended dose of LifeOne is two tablespoons (one ounce) three times daily for 25 to 30 days. The dose is then reduced to one tablespoon (one half ounce) for 11 months. Cancer patients who have not had chemotherapy and radiation may experience a sense of well being and increased energy within four or five days of starting LifeOne. According to the late Dr. Jim Howenstine, “ LifeOne has been able to cure an extremely wide variety of cancer cell types. Invitro testing has shown it to be effective on 7 out of 7 cancer cell types tested, including two types of breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and acute Promyelocytic leukemia .” www.newswithviews.com/Howenstine/james62.htm

Unlike other natural cancer therapies, LifeOne has undergone extensive testing including invitro testing on several cancer cell lines. These tests demonstrate the effectiveness of the product against various cell lines at varying concentrations. Dr. Valerie Beason did this testing while she was working at the NIH and NCI. The tests showed that LifeOne did indeed kill all seven cancer cell lines tested, even though the cancer cell types were diverse. Equally important, it also showed that it did not harm normal cells.

LifeOne also underwent animal testing done by Dr. Joe Demers. His first test subjects were two ferrets that had developed malignant adrenal tumors. After both recovered fully his testing went on to include dogs and other animals. Due to his success, in his book, A Holistic Approach for the Treatment of Cancer , he now recommends LifeOne as his first treatment of choice for cancer in animals. In conjunction with Dr. Demers work with small animals, Dr. Toots Banner tested LifeOne on horses, with great success. Animal testing proceeded for several years and proved LifeOne to be the most effective and safest therapy available for animals according to test results of these two veterinarians.

Even though the invitro testing showed LifeOne to be effective against all seven cell lines tested, clinically it has also shown itself to be equally effective in patient treatment against hepatic cancer, renal cancer, glioblastoma multiforma, invasive ductal cell carcinoma, oligoden- droglioma, lung cancer, and small cell lung cancer as well as bladder, colon, ovarian, pancreatic, melanoma, sarcomas, and brain tumors.

All testing done on LifeOne was independently done with no physicians or veterinarians paid for their research. These participating physicians did the research because they were actively looking for better methods of treatment. Can you see a difference in this approach as opposed to the bribery and corruption that characterize Big Pharma’s drug testing?

One very strong proponent of LifeOne is Dr. Paul La Rochelle, who is an orthopedic surgeon as well as an oncological surgeon. Dr. LaRochelle has used LifeOne on countless patients diagnosed with stage four cancers, from breast to liver and many others. He has never failed to bring the cancer under control using LifeOne. He feels the biggest problem in treating cancer is not the cancer, but the lack of knowledge on the part of the physician. “ Finding the initial cause of the immune system’s failure takes training that is simply not offered in today’s medical schools. It is more complex than suggesting taking a pill for a symptom .”

Patients who have been given chemotherapy or radiation before starting LifeOne often have a slower response than others, but the slow response can be expedited by utilizing De Aromatase in conjunction with LifeOne. De Aromatase is also extremely beneficial for use in estrogen sensitive cancer cell lines. It is a natural product used for hormonal balancing for both men and women, which improves the function of the endocrine system (pituitary gland, hypothalamus, adrenal glands, and thyroid).

Factors that hinder prompt response to LifeOne include: elevated blood sugars, undiagnosed and or untreated bacterial and fungal infections, organ damage from chemotherapy and radiation therapy, poor compliance with the low glycemic diet, unrecognized adrenal insufficiency and abnormal hormone function – most commonly hyperestrogenemia – with the lack of adequate testosterone and progesterone.

The initial phase of LifeOne therapy always causes an inflammatory reaction wherever cancer cells are present, since it stimulates killer lymphocytes to attack cancer cells. In approximately 80% of patients, this causes no symptoms. In persons with brain tumors, tumor tissue pressing on nerves and in situations where a tumor mass is occluding swallowing or respiration, this inflammatory response needs to be blunted. This is easy to accomplish with physiologic doses of hydrocortisone or cortef. This reaction generally can begin as early as the third or fourth day of LifeOne use.

In persons who have healthier immune systems this may last for 14 to 18 days. Individuals who have more severely damaged immune systems may not begin this reaction until 10 to 14 days of LifeOne therapy have been completed. Delayed appearance of the inflammatory reaction can be a clue that a more intensive investigation for immune damaging problems is needed. Immune problems frequently include unsuspected or misdiagnosed fungal, mycotic and bacterial infections. Because of potential interference with the proper function of LifeOne, the developer of LifeOne believes that it is usually advisable to postpone detoxification until the 12-month course of LifeOne has been completed.

According to Dr. José Benavente, “ For a comparison with the LifeOne Formula, TAXOL, the number one chemotherapy ingredient in the world, is derived from a single natural ingredient that comes from the bark of the Pacific Yew tree which is then chemically reproduced in pharmaceutical laboratories and it no longer has anything natural about it. The LifeOne Formula contains more than 8 active natural ingredients obtained from around the world, all of which work synergistically in a liposomal delivery system to produce an unequalled attack against cancer. The complete story and history of the LifeOne Formula can be found at www.healthpro.com.dm .

He continues, “I encourage you to go to this website and pour over the vast amount of information they have available on this amazing product. The LifeOne Formula was originally conceived, manufactured, and patented as an immune system enhancer, and that is its sole intended use. The body’s immune system is every person’s most important weapon in the war against cancer. ”

A knowledgeable health care practitioner is needed to monitor this therapy. The website where you can view the LifeOne protocol, research, testing, and ingredients is www.healthpro.com.dm .

If you want to purchase LifeOne, you can call the US distributor at 407- 619-4959. Ask for Bo and he will take your order. He is a good friend of mine and will take excellent care of you.

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