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Brandt/Kehr Grape Cure


The following excerpt is from Ty Bollinger’s excellent book, “Cancer Step Outside The Box”. With his kind permission.

In the 1920s, Johanna Brandt of South Africa said she cured her stomach cancer with what she called The Grape Cure. A few years later, she wrote a fascinating book that revealed the specifics of how she rid herself of cancer. Basically, Brandt ate grapes … lots of grapes … including their skins and seeds. As it turns out, grapes have been show to contain a substance called resveratrol.

According to a well-known researcher, Dr. John Pezzuto of the University of Illinois at Chicago, this naturally occurring phenol “ has multiple modes of action, inhibiting cancer growth at a lot of different stages, which is unusual .” It is also believed that resveratrol activates the p53 gene which induces apoptosis (normal cell death). In addition to resveratrol, grapes (especially purple Concord grapes) contain several other nutrients that are known to kill cancer cells, such as ellagic acid, lycopene, OPCs, selenium, catechin, quercetin, gallic acid, and vitamin B 17 . What an amazing cancer fighting arsenal!

Since many things have changed since Brandt published her Grape Cure diet in the 1920s, I have adapted this diet based upon recommendations from Webster Kehr; thus, I have called it “the Brandt/Kehr Grape Cure.” For example, the trace minerals in the soil have largely been depleted over the past half century, and chlorine and fluoride are now added to water supplies, just to name a few. I mention these items because all grape juice, including organic, may have been mixed with chlorine water. Also, all grape juice has been pasteurized, by law, thus destroying the enzymes which are critical to the digestion of grape juice. This being so, the Brandt/Kehr Grape Cure requires a certain amount of whole grapes.

A typical day on the Brandt/Kehr diet involves twelve hours of fasting followed by twelve hours of grape consumption. During the consumption period, you are supposed to consume absolutely nothing except for grapes, grape mush, and fresh squeezed grape juice, which should be consumed slowly over the twelve hour period, not just at meal times. During this period, you should consume between ½ gallon and one gallon of pure “grape mush” made from putting the grapes into a food processor. To avoid nausea and maximize the effectiveness of the grape mush, divide it into eight equal portions to be eaten slowly every 1 ½ hours of the twelve hour consumption period.

Be sure to drink at least a gallon per day of pure spring water or artesian well water, spread out over both twelve hour periods, and taken with the grape mush during the consumption period. Make sure your water is not treated with chlorine or fluoride. The grape juice mush should include crushed seeds and the skins, and the grapes should be purple Concord grapes. Don’t buy seedless grapes or green grapes, as they don’t have all the “goodies” that purple Concord grapes do. And purchase organic grapes if possible, since grapes are heavily sprayed with pesticides. If you are unable to obtain organic grapes, be sure to wash your grapes in warm spring water for at least fifteen minutes and rinse.

During the water fast, the cancer cells get very hungry. Then, when they finally do get food, what they get is grapes, which they gobble up since grapes contain high concentrations of natural sugar. And cancer cells love sugar! However, those same grapes also contain several major cancer killing nutrients listed above. So, in essence, we “fool” the cancer cells into ingesting an entire myriad of cancer-fighting nutrients. It’s like putting poison in candy and then giving it to a starving child. And since cancer cells are extremely inefficient at producing energy, they require much more sugar than regular healthy cells, so they gobble up even more grapes! And as we learned previously, cancer cells consume eighteen times more sugar (and eighteen times more of the cancer-fighting nutrients found in grapes) than normal healthy cells. Thus, the Brandt/Kehr Grape Cure diet is one of the ultimate ways to kill cancer cells !

What supplements should be taken with the Brandt/Kehr Grape Cure?

1. Grape seed extract – check the ingredients to get the most

2. Grape skin extract – check ingredients to get the most resveratrol.

3. Quercetin – available as an over the counter supplement.

4. Vitamin C – 12 to 15 grams spread out during the day (build up to this amount over two weeks, do not start out at 12-15 grams).

5. Cayenne pepper – as hot and as close to raw as possible.

6. Niacin – one gram per day.

Both cayenne pepper and niacin increase blood flow, which helps get the grape juice to the cancer cells. Cancer cells frequently thrive in areas where circulation is poor. What treatments can you use along with the Grape Cure? Do not use cesium chloride, since cesium blocks glucose from getting into the cancer cells, and the Brandt/Kehr Grape Cure uses the glucose as a transport agent for the cancer-fighting nutrients.

There is a six week cycle on this treatment. The first five weeks are the pure Brandt/Kehr Grape Cure treatment. Do not eat or drink anything other than grapes. Period . During the sixth week, eat only raw fruits and vegetables. The sixth week will allow certain other foods to be eaten. Repeat the six week cycle as many times as necessary to cure your cancer.

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