Apr 03

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This site is based and hosted right here in the UK.uk_from_space

Same as the USA

Everything I have read in relation to cancer over the past months has been based in the USA.  We have exactly the same problems right here, and we have a National Health Service.  You would think that the government agencies would question why we are spending so much on cancer care.  Our of public coffers.

Please get in touch

Not that I have any problems with our stateside cousins. We just simply have the same problems here and I really would like to hear from other UK citizens who are suffering with the disease. You can respond in the comments, or why not join the forum?




  1. Questions

    How exactly are you getting visitor location info?
    Why are you collecting visitor locations?
    Why do you not disclose that you are doing so (besides there being a button which shows a map) to those who do come.
    Most sites REQUEST an opt in for this sort of info.

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      I don’t know, it’s a wordpress plugin. Out of curiosity.

      Where do you recommend I put that information? Surely the message on the site is the most important, not where visitors come from.

      I’ve added a cookie warning, with a notice about the visitor map that displays when first visited.

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