Jan 13

The Royal Raymond Rife Story

All things have a “resonance” frequency.

Take a look at this clip, shattering a glass with sound.


Take it one step further

Given the “wind” blowing at just the right frequency, you can make something a whole lot bigger vibrate to destruction


So that’s the big… what about something very small?

You can destroy a wine glass with sound waves, and a bridge with the wind.  Then why not small things like viruses and bacteria?  Well, of course you can.


They may get rid of Rife…. but the Genie is out of the bottle….

Royal Raymond Rife might have been destroyed, but his legacy lives on.


This is what I will be using to help others.

A Rife machine, to the original specifications, but made with 21st century technology.

Get the book

Download a copy here, and please purchase a copy to support the writer.





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