Jul 09

The One Minute Cure – Madison Cavanaugh

one_minute_cureThe One Minute Cure – Madison Cavanaugh

I came across this book when doing a search on youtube for Hydrogen Peroxide therapy.  What I read just blew me away…. here’s how it starts…

The information you are about to read in this book will not only shock you, but also anger and excite you at the same time. It will shock you because the simple therapy presented herein may be the closest thing to a panacea that you’ve ever encountered, and yet it has been deliberately suppressed by those who care less about protecting people’s health than they do about their own financial interests. It will make you angry because you might have relatives, friends and loved ones who have suffered unnecessarily from preventable diseases, or even died, because this information has not been disseminated as vigilantly as it should have been. And lastly, it will excite you because the simple therapy which is the subject of this book may well be what its supporters call “the world’s greatest healing miracle of all time.

This was a free book on the internet, simply the author wants to get the information out there.  I have therefore added it here for you to download.


Download it and read it in an hour

This will possibly be the best hour you will ever spend.

Download in PDF format
Download in TXT format
Download in e-book format

 Charles Cross

Don’t try this at home, no seriously, if you watch the video it seems he took a shot glass of 35% but a striking video none the less.  I love to see the passion of people who were given up for dead by conventional medicine.





  1. Marcia

    Great testimony of H2O2, I used the 35%and still do and it knocked my arthritis out of my body.

  2. Heather

    WOW, what a story! Thank you for sharing that one!

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