Mar 25

The cure for all cancers – Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark

The cure for all Cancers – Dr. Hulda Regehr Clarkthe_cure_for_all_cancers

The book goes into great detail about the toxins within our environment, and looks at ways to eradicate them, fair enough, and I suppose, with a cancer sentence been given to you in months rather than years, you need to go all out to remove these toxins.  It is just a little “over the top” in my opinion.  Who knows, I may be singing this books praises if I re-visit it later when my other systems don’t work, but somehow I don’t think so.


It has mainly 5 star reviews on amazon.co.uk so it can’t really be all that bad.

Electronic Gadget

I am still to be convinced that the electronic gadget she uses, and describes how to make in the book works.  The jury is out on that one.


Would I recommend this book?  Yes, it would be a good addition to your library, but make sure you get Phillip Day’s and Ty Bollingers books first.

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