Dec 15

The cause of cancer for me?

Update, the real cause of cancer, for me.

Reading what I have written below was my own thoughts about the cause of my Cancer.  It turns out that my own tumour would have started about two years ago.  At that time I had been in business for 6 months.  I hadn’t got an order, and we visited the bank to extend our mortgage.  The bank refused, and we thought that we may loose our house.  It certainly was the most stressful time of my life.  Shortly after that, I did get my first order, and they have been coming in ever since, let’s face it, it really is a no brainer to change your lights to LED.  You can see my business pages here and if you have an office / warehouse / factory, or any industrial building that has old style lights, please get in touch, we can save you an absolute fortune on your energy bills.


I have discovered in my reading, that stress is the number one cause of Cancer.  It certainly looks like that was the cause for me.

My early thoughts about the cause!

What was the cause

So, what do I think the cause of the cancer was for me? Alcohol, simple. I used to drink 4 cans of strong lager most nights, and over the weekend a whole lot more. Since being diagnosed I have been off it completely, except for our anniversary in Scarborough, and I will allow myself a drink on Christmas day, I will however, ensure I get lots and lots of nutrients inside me, and will ensure my Ph level is 7.35+

The cause of cancer, for me, or so I thought, was too much alcohol, but now it looks like that was not the case

My favourite “tipple” I used to consume four of these every night watching the TV

On the wagon

Getting cancer has been a real wake up call. I need to change my habits, and do it fast. I have stopped the booze and will be visiting the gym as soon as I have completed all the DIY I have going on at the moment.


For the benefit of anyone reading this that doesn’t understand the term, I thought I would explain it. DIY is “do it yourself” and I can pretty much turn my hand to anything, and do most jobs around the house myself. I simply hate paying a tradesman to do a job that I can do myself, and at the moment, that is tiling the bathroom. Which, I have just completed! Just the grouting to do before my friend the plumber comes in to finish off. Oh, and before you ask, yes I can do plumbing too, but my wife Carol insisted we get a plumber in for such a big job. Hey ho, he’s a friend so doesn’t charge me the “going rate.”

Tiles completed, just the grouting to go.

Tiles completed, just the grouting to go.

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  1. Angela

    Hi Vincent,
    I love your website and love your mission you are on. Great job on the bathroom

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