Aug 26

Imagine a place – to discuss alternative treatments.

Alternative Cancer Forum

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Somewhere where your discussion of B17 or Rife machines doesn’t get you banned.  Where your thoughts are displayed for all to see, forever.  Where fellow sufferers can discuss their alternative, and advanced treatments with those who have been there, and are now recovered.

For the Recovered and the Recovering

Speak to genuine people who have already recovered, hear what they did to get well again.  Properly well, not just “in remission” or hoping for 5 year survival, but genuinely well.

Start Small

Yes, we are starting small, but with your help we really can make this place “the place” to be on the internet for advanced and alternative cancer treatment discussions.

Slash, poison and burn

There is a section for conventional medicine, if you really have been convinced to go down that route, and as we are all individuals, you are free to make up your own mind.

Nothing visible to guests

As you can see, there are no threads and no members.  That’s because it is set up to be hidden from anyone who is not logged in.  You will need to join before you can see any of the messages.  Joining is a simple two stage process.  Simply fill out the form, then confirm your e-mail address.

I joined CRUK and was banned!

Yes, that’s right, I was banned from Cancer Research UK, the organisation that is “supposed to be” looking for a cure.  Yeah, right.  I wanted to talk about my own journey, healing cancer naturally, and they banned me from the forum.  Every message I posted that tried to educate people in the alternatives was removed.

What’s to lose by joining?

Simply sign up.  There’s nothing to lose by being a member, it’s FREE.  This is simply my attempt to help humanity.

The Alternative Cancer Forum

Let us make this “the” alternative cancer forum on the web.  With thousands of members this place really would be a mine of information for people following in our footsteps.  Once the posts get going it will become a self fullfilling


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  1. Jennifer

    Thanks for your precious time.My site on facebook was banned last year and I have had an operation to remove a stage 3-4 aggressive melanoma, earlier this year.I stood firm and refused the Lymph removal and trying different types of methods of natural healing,I take my life seriously and if I am wrong… it is the choice I made.
    time is running out for many,I hope only that they can find relief when they find your site.

    Thank you

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