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Stage 4 Cancer


Welcome to my website, have you been given the news that you have Stage 4 Cancer?

Lucky you!

What?  I hear you cry, lucky me.  Yes, lucky you.  Read on….

You have been given the greatest opportunity to learn, not only about you, but to get your head out of the sand and discover something unbelievable.  Something so unbelievable that it will take you time to get your head around it.  Once these facts have burned their way into your scull, and you have opened your mind to greater opportunities, you can get your head around making yourself well. 

Henry Ford
“If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!

Have “they” given up on you, stage 4 cancer?

If you have stage 4 cancer, then there’s a good chance you have metastasis but hopefully haven’t been chemo’d half to death. If that IS the case, and you have been sent home to die, having been chemo’d half to death, then can I recommend you visit The Gerson Clinic in Europe
or alternatively, if you are in the USA then visit the Gerson Clinic in Mexico both places have a PROVEN track record of getting people better, when all else has failed.  Don’t have the money?  Start a just giving page and get some people behind you that can really make a difference.  You know the sort of person that will go the extra mile to help you get better. 

You’re not at death’s door.

If you’re not at death’s door, and you have some time to learn a thing or two, then let’s get started.  First of all, take a look at this first video, part one of a 9 part documentary series by the brilliant Ty Bollinger, from the truth about cancer.  Episode 2 is here, you get the picture. 

You have climbed the huge learning curve.

So now you understand the whole system, what do I recommend.  Well first of all, if it was me, I would get on a ketogenic diet.  Why?  Simple, cancer needs to ferment sugar for energy.  So, starve it to death.  Secondly, I would, using bicarbonate of soda in water, try to get my urine alkaline levels up to 9.0 or more.  Cancer loves an acid environment, take it away.  See this video, called baking soda kills cancer where Stage 4 Cancer sufferer beats the disease in two weeks.  This was prostate cancer, and it had metastasised to the bones.

Stage 4 Cancer

Keep in touch.

Join the forum on this site, and keep in touch with others who are starting their journey.  It’s not a death sentence unless you believe it is. 


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