Spooky 2 Help

Are you so sick that you’re not able to “read and follow a manual”?

Have no fear.  Vince,spooky2_doll and your Spooky2 help is here!

Please feel free to give me a call and I will walk you through your first experimental
treatments with Spooky2.


I am not a doctor, I do not claim to be able to diagnose, or treat any disease, I am simply offering to help people to run the system for the first time.  I make no guarantees, and what you do with the information is entirely up to you. See the spooky2 disclaimer here.

Do as much as you can before the call

Please respect that my time is precious, so please make an effort to get everything out of the boxes before the call.  I don’t want to spend 10 minutes “waiting” whilst you unpack everything.  In this time, I could help someone else!

If you can, download and install the software

The software is available here, please download it and install it prior to the call.  If you are not able, I’m sure you can get someone to help you to do so.  If not, then by all means, that can be me.

UK Time

Please note that I am in the UK, and the current time is displayed top left.

Please Respect my “help” times

My offer to help is during the times stated on the left.  Please respect these times, my number below, will only be displayed during these times.  If you see any other message, then please don’t call.  The last thing I need is waking up in the middle of the night, I would not be popular with my wife!


When calling on skype, you will have to send me a contact request first for approval, simply put “Spooky2” into the reason for contacting me box when you apply.  I say this because I do occasionally get scammers trying to contact me.

Please leave me a message for the benefit of others.

Although the above is certainly optional.  I do ask, that If I have helped you, that you do leave me a message below for the benefit of others.


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  1. John Costales

    Thank you first for your willingness to share your experience. I am a new user learning the best way to treat my wife’s cancer. Ran the detox program and instantly she experienced having a chemical smell in her nose. Taking many supplements as well as Laetrile I am wondering if the B17 chain which contains 2 Glucose 1 Hydrogen Cyanide and 1 Benzaldehyde that the cancer consumes, is being neutralized by the Rife protocol. In your experience is this possible? Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

    John C

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Hi John. What are you running the detox program on? Remote or contact? As for the Laetrile, I would make ensure I was eating the apricot kernels and not just taking the Laetrile tablets.

  2. Dave

    Hey Vincent, I hope you are winning. I’ve been looking through your posts. I saw that you were using spooky2 but had stopped, you said it seemed to help but wasn’t a sure cure. I have chronic Lyme to the point that my life is coming to its end. The infection is in my spine and brain and it’s shutting me down.

    Being desperate I used a bank loan to get the advanced spooky2. Four generators. From what I’ve read it seems the contact modes work at killing Lyme. I’m too scared to do that at the moment because of the reaction I’ll have, I am using all four gens on remote detox and healing. I have found people that seem legit vouching for the remote feature but I am not sure if I’m wasting my time with it or not. From your experience does the remote work at all? I read a post of yours stating you weren’t sure about it. Thanks.

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Hi Dave.

      Sorry to hear about your Lyme disease. I would recommend joining the spooky2 forums, there is a section for Lyme Disease in there.

      As for the remote, I’ve never really bought into the whole remote thing, and have had no reactions whatsoever myself. I have had some positive outcomes with contact and plasma though, and would recommend doing a good scan, then kill what you find.

      Hope that helps.

  3. Leah Webb

    Hi Vincent,

    I hope you are awesome today. I purchased a Spooky2 some time ago, struggled to get it to work, then gave up. I am ready to try again and I was hoping for your help setting it up. I cannot call international without adding an additional plan to my cell bill. But I do have a Mac and could FaceTime with you for free if you have a Mac too.

    I have 4 generators with its own dedicated lap top. I am battling Chronic Lyme and co-infections.

    Sick and tired of being sick and tired. Let me know a time and a day convenient for you. Please help me if you can.

    A beautiful day to you!


    1. Vincent Gledhill

      I am available this Sunday if it’s of any help? Message me for skype info, I do also have a MAC.

  4. Paul Kim

    Hi Vincent,
    Will we be able to do Skype to just go over? My mother has been diagnosed with late stage stomach cancer. I want to try the cancer protocol “Spooky2x2 Cancers Guide 1.2 Sep 2015”.

    I want to basically make sure that I am running the software (and hardware) as suggested. I try to follow the tutorial but at the same time, I want to understand what and why the setting are as such. Plus, my mother will be happy to talk to someone who is into Spooky2. She will be happy to meet someone who can give her hope.

    Thank you VIncent. I look forward to hearing from you. We live in eastern Canada (Ontario). If I can add you on my skype, that would be a good start.


    1. Vincent Gledhill

      No Problem Paul. Just give me a shout when I’m online. The number is visible when I am, but basically from Canada it would be best in the morning for you being 5 hours behind GMT. That will be afternoon for me.

  5. Feng Zhi Chao

    Dear Vincent,
    Hope you are well.
    I do have some problems with the computer and running spooky2. I am treating patients but no confidence as I only learn from reading and my English in this field not good enough. Although my patients are getting better, but I always feel I should be better.
    I love in London would like to meet up and learn some tips from you if possible.
    Very best wishes.

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Hi Feng.

      I live in Leeds which is about 150 miles north of London, so, unless you get up this way, a meeting won’t be possible. However, you can call me tomorrow at the stipulated times if you like. Both my number and skype contact details are listed when I’m available.

  6. Ann

    Please don’t change the wonderful pay it forward of Spooky 2 to the pay for help if you want. The whole premise has been people helping people for FREE and kindness based. I was VERY disappointed to see that and it will take away from the goodness all are giving. I am sure your a good guy but it really stuck out on the page. People who are new might jump for it as they are needy but money exchange changes what we are about. Thank you for listening and it is meant in a spirit of keeping Spooky free from this.

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Thank you for your message Ann.

      As you can see, I am suffering myself with cancer, and my business has gone down the pan because of it.

      I will remove the donate button, but, I won’t be able to help people for long. Who wins?

      1. Jenn

        If someone feels the need to donate to Vincent, as with any of the wonderful support team/ staff of Spookys, they should be able to have this option in my opinion. :) it is nice to have the freedom to have access for free, but if a user has the financial means to donate it would be a blessing to those spending he time and recourses to try to help. I only say this because it Is hard to be such a giving person and survive in this world we needto be able to have the finances to buy the things that we need to survive and stay healthy. If they do not have access to this they will not be able to help! It’s a giving and receiving thing. :) this is just my opinion though! Hugs and love!

        1. Boris

          High Vincent, Jenna and Ann,
          You might want to check out the WeReBank. I know, it still sounds like a long shot, but in Germany the Ubuntu movement, following Tellinger from SouthAfrica, is growing stronger every day and many have decided to work with the ReMovement in England. Much love and joy!

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