Dec 11

Results tomorrow.

So, my tumour was discovered.  Monday 8th December 2014 was my MRI scan. Yesterday 10th December 2014 was my CT scan and today I received a telephone call from Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK for a visit with Mr Sivakumar tomorrow at 09:30 to discuss my prognosis.  I wonder if he will allow me to record the interview?

My thoughts are that for the NHS they have moved really quickly, is that good news, or bad?  Suffice to say, he’s going to get a shock when I tell him I’m not having any operations, and I’m not having any dammed CHEMO.


  1. Lesley and peter

    we want you to know how bloody proud of you we are and love you very much xo

  2. Vincent Gledhill

    Thanks Karl 😉

  3. Karl bradford

    I will be religious on your behalf tomorrow morning pal!
    I pray the news is positive and you continue on your journey of beating this.
    Love and prayers
    Karl & Adelle

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