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I first heard about protocel® when a friend of mine, Ann Devlin, who I met because of myOutsmart Your Cancer_ Alternative Non-Toxic Tre With Audio CD Transcript - Tanya Harter Pierce “cancer journey” recommended a book called outsmart your cancer by Tanya Harter – Pierce. 

Great book.

This is a really well researched, well written book.  I particularly enjoyed the first chapter in which she describes what she calls the disbelief factor.  That is, most people, when told that there are other none toxic treatments out there that work, simply cannot believe why their doctors are not prescribing these treatments first, before “chemo, radiation, and surgery”

Exactly my own personal predicament

I know this “disbelief factor” only too well.  My wife and children don’t believe it, and most of my friends too just want me to go down the conventional route.  They are all suffering from it.

Doctors can’t look at alternatives

Doctors are trained in modern medicine, funded by the drug companies.  Doctors know less about nutrition than their wives / husbands.  They are not allowed to “look outside the box” for alternative treatments.  Many times when a cancer patient is doing well using alternative treatments their oncologist simply says, I don’t want to know what you are doing, but whatever it is, keep doing it.

Personal Experience

In my own personal experience, the surgeon who was to operate on me, had to go to a “committee meeting” to discuss my case.  This committee meeting involved no less than 8 specialists.  All trained in “drug” medicine.  If any one of them were to talk about an alternative they would be “laughed at” and ridiculed.  Stepping outside the box for these people is simply not an option.  You on the other hand “have to” step outside the box if you want a real lifelong cure.  The reason I say that is because conventional treatment for cancer does not offer a cure.

Conventional Treatment is not a CURE

We read in the press all the time, about cancer cure rates, but conventional treatment does not “cure” cancer.  Most times, when they have treated with Chemotherapy drugs, Radiation, and Surgery, the cancer comes back.  Why is that?  Simply put, it is because they are treating the symptoms not the cause.

Treating symptoms – an example.

Imagine you’ve come home from work to find your kitchen flooded because someone left the plug in the sink and the tap running.  What would you do?  You would turn the tap off and remove the plug.  Our conventional doctor would get the mop and bucket out and would start to mop up instead of turning the taps off, and pulling out the plug.  What I mean is, they don’t look for the route cause.  What caused the cancer in the first place?  Environment, toxins, lifestyle?  They don’t even ask what is causing the flood.  They simply get the mop and bucket out and try to get all the water up.  Which, of course they are never going to do, unless they turn the taps off and pull the plug out of the sink.  Now I know what you are thinking, ah, but I know someone who had cancer and now they are perfectly well.  Yes, this could be so, but they have managed to pull the plugs out, and turn the taps off themselves.  Maybe their own personal cancer was due to lifestyle, and they have changed it for the better, post surgery?

Anyway, back to protocel®

Cancer cells are glucose metabolizer’s which means, they burn sugar for energy.  As discovered by Dr Otto Wartburg, the Nobel prize winning scientist in 1932.  Normal cells use oxygen for energy.  Protocel® targets anaerobic cells by interfering with their cell respiration, and because all healthy cells in the body are “aerobic” they are not harmed.  Although protocel is not marketed as a cancer treatment, for obvious reasons many thousands of people have recovered using it.  Read this amazing story.

My layman understanding

This is how I personally get my head around how it works.  If you consider your cell respiratory system as a ladder.  With a scale from 1 to 10.  Your normal cells are on rung 8 or 9 of this ladder, but the cancer cells are on rung 1 or 2.  The protocel® interferes with the whole ladder by bringing it down two rungs.  This has no effect upon your feeling of well-being, however, it does have an effect on the cancer cells.


You don’t feel any symptoms when the protocel® is working, however, what you do experience is “lysing symptoms”  this is your body’s way of dealing with the dead cancer cells in the only way it knows how.  Depending upon the location of your tumours, the excretion of this material could be from any of your elimination systems.  I.E. toilet number 1, or 2.  Sweat, out of your nose, coughing it up, and even your tear ducts.  People have reported their eyes stuck together when they wake up in a morning with dead cancer cells.  My own personal experience with my rectal cancer has been in the toilet, both 1 and 2.

Does it work

Don’t take my word for it, try reading The Ellona McKiben Story who overcame her terminal elonna-and-bobcancer using what she called cancell, which is basically the same stuff under a different name. This article is not to go into the why’s and wherefores of the name of the stuff, you can get that from Tanya’s book linked to above.  She also runs a forum for people who are going though the same thing we all are.  However, you will need to join and have your membership approved by Ellona herself in order to gain access and be able to read all the threads.


Do not purchase and start using protocel® without buying Tanya’s book, simply click the image above to be taken to Amazon where you can download a copy.  If you can’t afford it, then feel free to speak to me and I can tell you what I am doing.  The reason I say this is that because it pulls down on the ladder, most other natural treatments for cancer involve pushing the ladder upwards.  This will be counter productive and will stop the protocel from doing it’s thing.

My own personal story.

I started taking protocel® about a month ago, and although I don’t believe I am yet cancer free.  I am experiencing all the lysing symptoms so know that it is working.  It is just a matter of time, and given that my own cancer is slow growing, it may take some time.  Apparently slow growing cancers take longer to get rid of than faster growing more aggressive ones.  I would take that any day.

Please help.

If you have cured yourself with none toxic treatments, please leave a short note in the messages below to help convince my friends and family who are suffering from disbelief factor.




  1. David Silverstone

    Hi – Thank you for sharing this and your experience. My mother was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and is looking at treatment options. I see this was posted on 28th July 2015. I hope you don’t mind my asking – How are you getting on? Has the treatment worked, are you still taking it?

    Warm wishes


  2. Sam

    Does anyone know if you can take canton /protocel for small tumour with on lung when you have damaged lungs from emphysema ?
    We have the canton but can’t get this information anywhere and getting desperate!!

  3. Val

    I was diagnosed with uterine cancer end May, 2014. I had a radical hysterectomy July 16, 2015, having stage 3C cancer. I started the cancer type diet day of diagnosis, 2 and one half months earlier. Protocel 50 was waiting for me at home after operation and I have been on it until this month, religiously, along with diet and suggestions from Outsmart Your Cancer. I refused radiation and Chemo, and Drs. told my husband I would surely die without it. Three months after starting Protocel, I was at Moffit Cancer for follow-up testing, and declared free of cancer. I remain so. I may go back on Protocel for safe-keeping, unsure at this time.
    Of course , the diet stays with me forever, although I do cheat from time to time, perhaps once a month. May you all find a successful cure, no matter which one you decide to take.

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