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Prostate Cancer


Have you been diagnosed with, or think you have Prostate Cancer?  Then worry not, I have read over 50 books on the subject, and it is certainly not life threatening, until the very latest stages, and I argue, even then, not!

Why do I say that?Prostate Cancer

Quite simply, that it is one of the slowest growing cancers that there is.  Most men DIE WITH the disease, than FROM the disease.  So don’t rush into surgery any time soon. 

Chemo for Prostate Cancer

If you are advised to take chemo, ask a couple of questions.

  1. Is the chemo you are giving me curative, and by that, I don’t just mean 5 years.  Will it remove it completely?
  2. Do you have a support group, with other patients who have had this chemo? 
  3. Can I read the box? 

You can guess the answers to the above questions, my guess is that it will be NO for all three.  

Surgery and / or Radiation

Prostate Cancer is a male disease.  Women don’t have a prostate.  Now, fella’s, let me as you this.  What’s your manhood worth to you?  Would you feel less of a man if you couldn’t get it up?  I certainly would.  Would I have any surgery or radiation that took this away.  No way José, and you needn’t either.  

Vernon – Stage 4 Prostate Cancer cured within a couple of weeks

Please keep in touch

Please visit the forum on this website and give us your feedback.  Only by active online discussions, with many people can we finally say goodbye to cancer.  Your testimonials will help others to take the natural route, and those following behind may not suffer the broken system.  The truth about cancer is a great start.  And you can watch the video’s here on this site.  Remember, you don’t need to rush into anything.  Take your time, do your research.

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