Please help – B17

Cured yourself with Apricot kernals / Laetrile? or taking them as a preventative?  The world needs you help!

I am looking for willing volunteers who have been taking B17 or apricot kernals to do a video blog.

Especially, in the first instance, those who have cured themselves.

I would like to gather thousands on this website.  So that the next time B17 makes it into the media, and someone from “big pharma” comes along and states that it’s “poisonous” or “useless” we can have a video blog like this one to state that it isn’t.  Video of real people telling their story is much more compelling than simply reading words on a page.



  1. Vincent Gledhill

    That’s not my Video.

  2. Roberta

    so did you take enzymes too, any other supplements?? Change your diet??

    Anything else at all? By just your video clip alone, it leads people to believe all you did was take 500 mg of B17 twice a day? No pits, no kernals, just a supplement of 500 mg B17 or Laetrille twice a day from Amazon?

    You did not even say what type of cancer you had?

    I just started kernals and B17 supplement of 500 mg 3 times a day, with diet of no meat and dairy, but I get good starches like corn, potatotoes, beans, salads, juiced veggies, smoothies with berries and spinach, mushrooms, pasta… lots of water and herbal teas.
    I started with just kernals, a few weeks in and now adding supplement… so hope to have good news in a few months. I have taken no test yet as they are expensive even with insurance.

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