Jul 08

Outsmart Your Cancer – Tanya Harter Pierce

Outsmart Your Cancer – Tanya Harter PierceOutsmart Your Cancer_ Alternative Non-Toxic Tre With Audio CD Transcript - Tanya Harter Pierce

Tanya’s own cancer journey started when she started to look into alternative cancer treatments for a family member with cancer, who did not want to go down the toxic route of chemotherapy and radiation.

What she discovered was not only treatments that worked, but treatments that actually cured people.  Not the “defined by the cancer industry” cured, which is “still alive 5 years after diagnosis”

20+ books read

I have read over 20 books on alternative cancer treatments.  Please trust me when I say, this should be the FIRST one that you read.

Click the book

If you click on the book it will take you to Amazon.com where you can read a section of the book.  (The first few chapters I believe) I am certain that once you have done so, you will go out and purchase a copy.

Amazon Reviews

Just read some of the reviews on Amazon.  “This book literally saved my life”   “All tests now show that I am cancer free” “why would anyone use the big 3, of Radiation, Chemo, or Surgery?”



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  1. Colin Forde

    I’m on Zoladex 3.6 injection and Biaclutamide for Prostate Cancer which has spread to my bones.
    My PSA Result 2016-06-13, 1.31 ng/ml.
    My PSA Result 2016-06-28, 1.64 ng/ml
    As you can see it is climbing
    It was originally 24 ng/ml in November 2013 when I was diagnosed.
    I think conventional medicine has reached its limit.
    I would be very grateful if I may email Tanya Harter Pierce
    about this. My own email is as below

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