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One Answer to Cancer – A Do it yourself booklet

One Answer to Cancer.

The original booklet One Answer to Cancer by Dr Kelley.  A man who had four adopted children, who, upon getting the diagnosis decided that he simply couldn’t die.  Who would take care of the kids?  As the saying goes, right out of apollo 13, “Failure is not an option” Kelley read, researched, treated himself, and then put what he’d learnt to the test by curing others.

Pancreatic Cancer – The worst diagnosis ever imaginable.

Why do I say that pancreatic cancer would be the worst diagnosis ever imaginable, because there is no conventional cure, that’s why.  If you go to your doctor with this, and he sends you to the hospital, the oncologist will tell you that there is nothing that can be done.


So, if that is correct, then you don’t stand a lot of hope then do you?  Well actually you do.

Here is the booklet he released way back in 1967, these are the guiding principles that he not only cured himself with, but he cured thousands of patients.

If you take a look at Ty Bollingers video number 8 the quest for the truth.  Ty interviews Dr Nicholas Gonzalez who talks all about how they use the Kelley system to this day to treat cancer patients in New York.  Including a lady that is still here today, cured of pancreatic cancer using this system.


The booklet

You COULD to to amazon.com and order it for $277.00 dollars, (that was the price when I posted this article on 27th May 2015, or you could simply download it from here.  It is freely available to read on the internet here too.

Downloadable Versions

If you would prefer to download a copy to read yourself, I have converted it into several formats for you to do so.  Yes, I could be bothered to do that, the reason being, it really is that good.  I used a program called calibre, e-book software which is brilliant for managing your electronic library.  It even will upload books from a different format onto your kindle for example.

PDF Format
One Answer to cancer – Dr Kelley

Mobi Format – As used by Kindle E-Readers
One Answer to cancer – Dr Kelley

E-Pub format – As used by other E-Readers
One Answer to Cancer – Dr Kelley

Pancreatic Enzymes

In the booklet, Dr. Kelley talks about pancreatic enzymes.  These are the best ones I have found, they have the most Trypsin and Chymotripsin in their formulas.  Obviously I’m not recommending that you take them, or that they will cure you of anything.  I have simply added a link here for information.  If you do come across a better product, please share it by posting a link in the comments.


  1. Ling


    I’m trying to help a good friend who has a stage 4 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in Portland,

    Oregon. Can you please help me find a reliable NATURAL oncologist? I have been Googling

    with all keywords I could come up with, but there are TOO many names.

    Please help ASAP.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Hi. Sorry I’m from the UK

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