Dec 16

My regime start – Juice

Nutrition is the answer.

The simple premise that with great nutrition, you can give your body all of the vital nutrition that it needs and it will repair itself.  Try watching Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, this great film will have you shopping for a juicer!

Already a juicer

I have been Juicing fruit and vegetables now for the past year.  Ever since I saw “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” but one thing I wasn’t doing, and that was cutting out the alcohol.  That whole story is enough for another post completely, so I will leave that until then.

Carrots beat cancer

If you take a look at Chris’s page and specifically at Ann Cameron’s page, she cured her stage four cancer with carrots only. Now this is by no way my only method, but it is the one protocol I can use straight away. I have a juicer, and can start straight away.

Aldi in the UK start selling organic carrots

What a result that was, seeing organic carrots whilst walking down the aisles of Aldi, one of the low priced supermarkets in the UK. The next protocols will be somewhat different to say the least… watch this space.


  1. Dean

    Hello Vincent, why not use beets?

  2. lesley gledhill

    Hi vinny are you just going to juice the carrots by themselves

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      I have been juicing just the carrots by themselves for now, adding some green leaves, Kale and spinach too, but unfortunately I can’t get organic kale and spinach at the moment, but as soon as I do, they will be on the menu big time!

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