Jan 08

Must watch video

Kate, please watch this video.

This full documentary, if true, which I sincerely believe it is, and let’s face it, I am betting my life on it, then I am upset beyond words.  How many millions of people have died… that could have been saved.

Do I blame the doctors?

No, absolutely not.  They are the best trained professionals in our society.  I feel particular empathy for the oncologist who has to inform a patient that there is nothing more that they can do for them, and that they should go home and get their financial affairs in order because they can no longer treat them.


My number 07717 582421, please give me a call when you have watched this video.  I can confirm that B17 works.

I also have a bag of bitter apricot seeds I will lend you



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  1. calle

    Vincent.. I think I know how to help your Rosaia… contact me. do not do FB as not secure anymore.
    Can email you. The test is available for you in the UK I think. Having the whole family watch it tonight. Did you view the YouTube program on how cancer is Fungi based and how the Italian Doc is curing it with Baking Soda?

  2. Vincent Gledhill

    Great stuff, can I take a cutting?

  3. Vincent

    I don’t wish to add to your ‘Workload’ Vincent but you really should look into either making or getting some of this


    I am looking at sourcing a mature Aloe plant to make my own!!

  4. Vincent Gledhill

    Yes, it’s a shame they’re so bloody long. I know what you are saying about the research. I’m on my 6th book since mid December, and this is a bloke that doesn’t normally read.

  5. Vincent

    Yes, that is the one and it helps people understand how the pharmaceutical industry grew from the chemical & oil industry, to completely high-jack healthcare which at that time was based on nature and nutrition. That is why we are in such a sorry state relying upon chemicals to fix diseases that just need nature to get us back into balance again. After-all, it is the chemicals that made us sick in the first place, they are everywhere, in our food, in our water and in our homes, we don’t need to ingest more!! Keep up the research Vincent, that is the key to understanding why we get sick and how to reverse it!

  6. Vincent Gledhill

    Is this the one that you are talking about Vincent?

  7. Vincent Gledhill

    Hi Vincent, thanks for that. I hope that everyone visiting this site hears that. Amazing stuff.

  8. Vincent

    Hi Vincent

    I have the updated version of this called the Science & Politics of Cancer, I will post you a copy. Also, listen to Philip Day, he was the first I came across in 2007 who talks a lot about B17 and Enzyme Therapy.


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