Dec 08

MRi Scan

More Investigations

So, this morning was yet another visit to the hospital, this time for an MRI scan.
See here the “How Stuff Works” article about the MRI scanner.

Not a pleasant experience

That is an understatement, and for anyone who is the slightest bit claustrophobic, this will be your worst nightmare. It is a very enclosed space, and the “racket” it makes whilst it’s “doing it’s thing” is incredible.

Lay still, for HALF AN HOUR

Yes, you have to lay still for half an hour.  Breath shallow, otherwise, you have to do it all again.  There was “no way” I was going to go though this again, so, I daren’t move.  Here’s hoping that my results come though not blurred, I really would hate to do that again.


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  1. Daniel

    It really IS NOT that bad!!!

    To be sure, it’s not exactly nice. My advice (and I’ve had two, spaced apart by 20 years) is keep your eyes closed the whole time and relax, try to doze. The second time, they played music through the headphones.

    Really – it’s nothing to fear!!

  2. Vincent Gledhill

    That wasn’t my experience Sue, so glad it was for you. What treatments are you considering?

  3. Sue Robinscrusoe

    I too have just undergone a MRI scan and been diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

    The new scanners aren’t as big, you wear earplugs and headphones and listen to your choice of music to mask the sounds of the scanner and you do have a call button in your hand if needed.

    So, let’s put the time it takes for the scan into perspective please!

  4. Vincent Gledhill

    Sorry you don’t like to hear the Truth Ian. That’s exactly how I saw it. It’s certainly nothing to be scared of, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t an unpleasant experience.

  5. Ian Woodbridge

    WELL DONE YOU. Tell everyone how awful it is and get everyone scared

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