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Mercury Free Dentistry

Amalgam Fillings

Every single book I have read on alternative cancer treatments has talked about the “mercury in your mouth” and the fact that this “poison” simply adds to your toxic load. This, along with root canals, which are also toxic, why would you want to keep them both?  In a nutshell, the amalgam fillings are 50% mercury and that mercury leeches into your system on a daily basis.  If you have cancer then you need to have it removed, and removed safely.  You certainly don’t want to be poisoned even more, by a dentist who doesn’t know what he is doing.

Initial Consultation a breeze

You get to sit in the “big chair” for 45 minutes for John to get to know you, discussing everything from hobbies to family which gets you relaxed and feeling confident.  He then talks you through the treatment, instilling confidence as he does so.john_roberts

Not a huge dentist fan

Being a bit of a coward I was not looking forward to the visit today at all. The injections fill me with dread.  The noise of the drill, then the pulling on your head all puts shivers down ones spine.  However, I shouldn’t have worried, Dr. John Roberts from the Cote Royd dental practice is absolutely brilliant.  The needle for the injection of anaesthetic really didn’t hurt a bit and the removal / replacement of my fillings spoke volumes about the professionalism and skill of the man.

Three visits in total

I will need three visits in total to end up with 100% mercury free dentistry and if all the others go like today, I will be very pleased indeed. Here’s what they say about their protocol:

Their Protocol

When we start removing amalgam, it is the mercury vapour that is the most harmful to the patient and the dental team.  Precautions and special equipment and techniques are used to ensure the safest working environment.

  • Chlorella tablets are given to the patient to take before we begin the amalgam removal.  This ensures that any amalgam particles escaping the suction device will bind onto the tablets and pass safely through the patients system.
  • Glasses protect the eyes from amalgam particles
  • Protective gowns and caps are worn to protect clothing and hair against transmission of amalgam particles.
  • The dentist and nurse wear breathing apparatus and the patient wears a nosepiece that is supplied with medical air so nothing is inhaled.
  • Gauze is place in the mouth to absorb any traces of mercury.  Cosmin also uses a rubber dam
  • A specialist suction device is used to ensure all traces of mercury are removed.
  • A high-pressure drill with copious amounts of cold water is used to keep the mercury vapour down
  • The treatment room has an air filter system that removes any traces of mercury deposits in the air before during and after treatment.

Once you’re done!

Don’t forget to look for some fluoride free tooth paste.  That too is a poison we’ve been “sold a kipper” on.  If you use my dentist linked above, they sell it on the counter as you checkout.

John if you read this

How’s about I record a short video in time lapse during my next visit?  I could put it here, and you could also link to the video from your site if you think it would be beneficial.

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