Links to resources I have found very useful on the internet. I have no interest in any of the sites listed. I have simply found them useful.

The Truth about cancer

Ty Bollinger lost both his parents and a number of his family to cancer.  An american website, and the book is focused on the american system, but don’t let that put you off.  The video series is brilliant and so is his book.  One I definitely recommend.

Beating Cancer Gently

Bill Henderson lost his wife to cancer and has led a one man crusade to rid the world.  His book comes recommended.

Cancer Tutor

Webster Kehr has put an absolutely amazing resource together, which can be quite overwhelming, simply follow the link, and be prepared to stick on the website for about a month 😉

Anti Cancer Info 

A cracking site all about laetrile and B-17.  This substance really does kill cancer cells selectively.  Read all about it at this well established website.

How to detox heavy metals

A great resource to get those heavy metals out of your system.  Ian’s e-book is only a tenner and is definitely worth every penny.

Lindens Apothecary

A great supplier for all your vitamins and minerals.  Right here in the UK.


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