Jan 16

Laetrile – the cover up.

This is absolutely shocking and we should put an end to it.

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  1. Vincent

    This is one of many cures for cancer that have been systematically suppressed for many decades by the Pharmaceutical industry and their allies. Hoxey, Gerson, Kelly and many more pioneers have successfully used natural and inexpensive treatments to cure patients of cancer. All were from nature (Nutrition, herbs etc) and therefore could not be patented by any drug company and all have been systematically suppressed, hidden from the public, while millions continue die each year because f ignorance. Cannabis Oil is another prime example of a potent gift from nature that cures cancer and other chronic diseases, but it has been demonised and made (like B17) illegal in the UK and many other countries. At the same time, the big cancer charities (who are really the PR arm of drug companies) commission expensive (which your donations pay for) and emotive adverts on TV, in a bid to convince people that they are trying hard to find a cure for cancer and they are nearly there, nothing could be further than the truth! There is no intention of finding a cure for cancer or any other chronic disease come to that. Curing people means they won’t need drugs anymore and that is just not profitable! In 1971 President Richard Nixon declared War on Cancer and after 44 years, we are no nearer to any sign of a cure. In that time, we have sent people to the moon, landed vehicles on Mars and developed technology in space that can shoot missiles out of the sky at the speed of light! So don’t you think it’s odd we cannot conquer this disease, which is basically an imbalance in the body brought about by improper diet and environmental toxins, a problem that nature can correct? Instead, they continue to tug at your heart strings, because no doubt you have either have cancer, lost a relative to cancer or know someone who is suffering, by persuading you to part with your hard earned cash in the false belief that you are doing a great thing and it will help find a cure, it won’t! In And don’t be fooled by the statistics, they are manipulated to make you think survival rates are better. then they were 20 years ago. They only look better because they have manipulated the definition of survival. If your survive 5 years and one day, but then die, you will still be classed as a survivor as anyone who is still alive 5 years from diagnosis is classed as a survivor. If the cancer comes back after 5 years, they are still classed as a success story, Smoke & Mirrors!

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