Jul 30

Keep out the toxins

Reduce and keep down your toxic burden

One great thing I have learned on my cancer journey is that you must reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals, which means not using de-odourant with aluminium in it.  Something I was struggling with.

3% Hydrogen Sulphide to clean my armpits

So, knowing that 3% hydrogen sulphide killed germs, I used it to clean my armpits.  That was great, however, it doesn’t take those little bacteria long to limesmultiply and return a smelly pit.  So, quite by chance, I stumbled upon a natural antiperspirant / deodorant that really works.

Limes as an effective antiperspirant / deodorant.

Cut a lime into quarters, squeeze it in your fingers to get the juice to the surface and rub it on your arm pits.  It kills the germs and leaves you smelling good all day.  Much better than adding to your toxic burden, and one whole lime will last you two days.

The other toxic item I was concious about was shaving foam, this harsh chemical was a necessary evil for a bloke, or was it?
Because I was in the bathroom, using this as a lubricant for my enema tube, it was handy.  So I decided to give it a go as a lubricant for my shave.

Olive Oil in a Spray for Shaving.

I tried spraying a tiny amount into my hand and rubbed it all over my face ready for a shave.olive_oil_2
It absolutely worked a treat, and obviously didn’t dry out my skin.  My skin really felt wonderful after the shave, and I began to wonder why I had never tried it before, it was so much better than shaving foam.  I will never go back, even once cancer free.  What a result.


The philipo Berio one in the picture is what I have.  The good thing about this particular brand is that the bottles are re-fillable.  Which means you can purchase a large bottle of extra virgin olive oil from Aldi for a couple of quid, and fill it up.

So, what tips do you have?

Do you have any tips like the above?  Please share them in the comments below and I will include them in this article.

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