Jul 26

How to get your coffee to the right temperature.

I struggled at first

My first attempts at doing a coffee enema had me struggling to keep a hold of it if you know what I mean.  Each time I “filled up” I had this huge desire to empty my bowels.  The pain was so severe at times that I just had to “dive onto the toilet” and get rid of it.  Obviously wasting the time it had taken me to make the coffee in the first place, not to mention the money that it cost me in coffee.  Being a tight Yorkshireman, that didn’t go down too well.

Too hot or too cold

It seemed that the reason for wanting to eliminate was because it was eitherfood_thermomiter too hot or too cold for my body and was therefore beeing seen as alien and therefore needed to be eliminated.  Once I had purchased a food thermometer and checked the temperature of the coffee before doing the enema, the problem was eliminated, so to speak.

Where to buy one?

Simply visit e-bay.co.uk or your own e-bay site and put into the search box “food thermometer” and you will see many of these for sale.  Mine cost me less than £3.00 delivered.  Which I thought was an absolute bargain.

Are they accurate?

Yes, they are certainly within 1 deg C.  You can check it by putting it first into a glass of iced water.  It should read 0 deg C (if you are at sea level) and then put it into boiling water and it should read 100 deg C.

Mine read 0.6 and 99.8 degrees respectively.  Which is pretty damned close.

Body Temperature?

So, what temperature should you take your coffee?  According to the NHS, human body temperature is 37C (98.6F).  So, when I started to use this thermometer, and got the coffee to this temperature, I was able to hold on to it.  I hope this is of some help to you, and for a few quid, definitely worth the investment.


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