Holocaust – On an unbelievable scale!

I am so angry!

I remember watching Schindler’s List, and although the details of the film have faded from my memory (maybe I have blocked them out) but all I can remember is that it affected me for days afterwards.  It was such a poignant depiction of such a terrible time in history.  If you have never watched the film, I recommend you do.  As shocking and upsetting as it is.

It is estimated that there were 11.1 million people killed by the Nazis during the holocaust.

Cancer is worse!

8.3 million people in the world died in 2013.  Now if we run that back, 40 years, since the cover up of Laetrile, that is 300+ million people who have died from the disease needn’t have.  When it all comes out, and it will, I hope that these people are held accountable.


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