Mar 18

High Dose Vitamin C as a Cancer Cure?

The cure for Scurvy is Vitamin C

It is already known that the major “cancer” type of disease Scurvy is cured with Vitamin C.  Millions of people lost their lives to Scurvy in vitamin C as a cancer curethe last centuries.  Many blind alleys were ventured down over hundreds of years before it was finally discovered.  The real scary thing is, that if we were looking for a “cure for scurvy” right now, using modern medicine, as many people would be dying from it as are currently dying of Cancer.  That is because vitamins cannot be “patented” and the “powers that be” wouldn’t allow you to use it.  They would be still searching for a “drug” to fix it.  Which of course, we now know, is nonsense.

Dr Linus Pauling

Dr. Pauling won the Nobel Prize not once but Twice, he was regarded as the “Father of Vitamin C” he said that by taking upto 10g of vitamin C a day would aid in the fight against cancer.  Many practitioners agree with him and use vitamin C therapy as an indispensable aid in their daily war.

Vitamin C a protection against Breast Cancer?

Gladys Block, Ph.D. of the university of California Berkeley stated.  “The protective effect of antoxidents and particularly vitamin C is clear from the overwhelming evidence presented”.

Vincent Says…

There’s lots of evidence all over the internet, that High Dose Vitamin C as a cancer cure will not be a waste of your time.  But as always, let’s cut to the chase of the message here.

How to get the most vitamin C into your cells

Just taking vitamin C tablets, or even pure vitamin C powder just simply won’t cut it.  Injecting it directly into your veins was the way to go.  But in order to do that, it would cost you a small fortune.  First you have to hire a doctor willing to do the procedure, then you have to visit the clinic three times a day in order to saturate your system.

Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C

Great resource here for how to make it

So, what’s stopping the vitamin C getting into your cells?  Quite simple, OIL and WATER don’t mix.  Your cell walls are made of fats, and vitamin C is water soluble. By encapsulating the vitamin C in a phospholipid it creates molecules similar to the cell walls, therefore the vitamin C can enter the cell walls easily.  90+% saturation can be achieved this way, much easier than going to the doctor, and far better for you!   You can buy it, however, a lot of the Lecithin that is one of their main ingredient is made from soya, which is REALLY bad for you.  Better to make your own!  Here’s a youtube video showing you how.  I have just bought all the necessary tools and will update this video with one of my own soon.


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