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Heavy metal toxicity

Heavy Metals

The major cause of cancer in our society is toxicity, our bodies are constantly bombarded, and it is amazing we are all alive given what I have learned since being diagnosed.  Heavy metals, predominantly from the mercury in your mouth, are a significant burden on our immune system, and not until we remove this will we start to get better.  You can read the page where I had my mercury fillings removed.  As you will see from that page, it is very important that you choose your dentist carefully.


The multiplication factor.

The added difficulty is that 1+1 does not equal 2.  One fatal dose of heavy metal toxicity that would kill one person in a hundred, coupled with the same dose of a different metal would kill 100% of the people.  Which means, any toxicity is bad, because if you have lead / mercury / aluminium etc in your system you are asking for trouble.

 So how do we get rid of it?

Ian Solley has an excellent website, called heavy metals detox, and for a tenner you can purchase his excellent e-book.  Rather than repeating what he has said here in a nutshell you need to get some corella and coriander into your system, do a coffee enema every day and get yourself a FAR infra red sauna.

FAR infra red saunaheavy_metal_detox

The reason that this sauna is called a FAR sauna is because the heating elements use the wavelength which is far along the electro magnetic spectrum.  They heat the body from within which is beneficial for two reasons.  Firstly it heats up your body’s core, and just like your body does to itself when it generates a fever.  Cancer cells cannot stand the same heat as your body can.  A session in the sauna kills them off.   All this adds to your cancer defeating protocol.  Secondly, by heating your core, you sweat from deep within your body releasing the toxins held deep within your fat cells.  Please make sure that you dry yourself completely when you come out of the sauna.  Otherwise you will be re-absorbing the toxins.  Ensure you drink plenty of water whilst in there.  In fact, an average 13 stone man should drink about four litres of water a day.  More if you are using this sauna.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

As you can see, heavy metal toxicity has a great burden upon your body, and has more than likely contributed to your cancer.  I have undergone the removal of my mercury fillings and use the far infra red sauna daily.  I have a coffee enema daily along with my juices with chlorella and coriander in them.  Hopefully my toxic burden will decrease over time.

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