Aug 21

Heart Attack – Bannish the threat

Coronary Heart Disease is the No 1 Killer

Imagine a disease where the first symptom is “sudden death”  not a pleasant thought, but that is exactly the case with Coronary Heart Disease.  Now if you’re anything like me, who’s own father suffered a massive heart attack then it’s obviously a worry.

It doesn’t have to be that way

Since being diagnosed with cancer I have done a hell of a lot of reading, and some wonderful books, the journey has been a real eye opener.  Discovering Dr Smith has been the best bit.  This book, he gives away on his website, and I have downloaded it, and added it here for your benefit.  Why?  Because I’m simply a nice bloke and don’t want you to suffer like my dad did.

 Why doesn’t your doctor know?

Quite simply doctors are taught “allopathic” Drug based medicine.  They are not taught about the benefits of nutrition and it’s benefit to health.  If everybody read this book, and took heed of it’s message, the pharmaceutical industry would loose millions of pounds.  Not to mention the specialist surgeons “fitting stents and doing by pass procedures” who are effectively closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

So, it’s here for free, download it, read it now, and take heed of the message

Look to the right, download it in your favourite format for reading on whatever device you have.

I recommend Kindle

Even if you don’t have a Kindle device from amazon, you can download the kindle app for your smartphone or tablet and read the book on there.  Once you have the “app” on your device, simply click on the download link and it will open up in the kindle app.  This for me is the best format because it is much more controllable than reading a PDF on a phone or tablet.

Download the book.


Download in epub format

Download in Mobi format for kindle

Download in PDF format

Download in TXT format


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  1. Didge

    thanks for finding and sharing this Vince :)

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