Apr 06

Healing Cancer the Gerson Way

Genius Max Gerson.

Was born in 1881 in Germany, and if you read the wikipedia account, you would run a mile. Gerson_Cover However, the whole wiki article is flawed to say the least.  In there it says that Gerson therapy can be dangerous.  Dangerous, get a grip. They get patients that have been sent home to die.  And they cure them.  48% cured, and although you might think, that’s more failures than successes however, you must remember that these patients were sent home to DIE from conventional medicine. Which means, if they were to use conventional medicine, which is those who wrote the wiki article then there would be 0% survivors.  The ones that don’t survive are too far gone, or simply don’t want to live anymore, simply they’ve given up after the chemo.

Simple but tying

The Gerson therapy is quite easy to understand.  No meat, juicing carrots and other vegetables to boost the immune system, and coffee enemas to rid yourself of toxins.  However, it’s very very tying.  The juices are every hour on the hour and the coffee enemas are every other hour, meaning, in order to complete the therapy at home, you would need a full time helper.  That said, what’s the alternative?  Slowly dying in pain, or choose reduced pain, and eventual cure.  Best get some help from your local church, seven people to juice and fill up the coffee would be a real help.

Stage four cancer?

If I was stage four, and had been sent home to get my affairs in order.  Bullshit for you’re going to die some time soon then I would have no hesitation to visit the Gerson clinic in Mexico and stay for three weeks or so.

Do I recommend the book?

Too bloody right.  I will buy the Max Gerson book and read that just as soon as I have a hole on my library shelf.  What I mean by that is that I have a whole shelf full of books yet to read that have more of a priority than the original.  Suffice to say, the Gerson therapy really does work and if you watch any of the youtube video’s staring Charlotte Gerson, you can understand why she is frustrated at being persecuted out of the USA by the conventional cancer hierarchy.



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