Dec 12

Good News – and Bad.

First the good news

I don’t have cancer anywhere else, Just in my rectum, close to the “sphincter muscle.”  But therein lies the problem.  The surgeon informed me that there is a 25% chance that they will not be able to give me full toilet facilities afterwards.  That I will be at least 3 months with a colostomy bag, but if they don’t have enough tissue, then it could be for life.

That’s decided, no operations for me.

There is no way that I am letting them anywhere near me with a knife.  With so many alternative treatments out there, that cure cancer, and are none toxic, I will try these first.

It’s not a fast growing cancer!

Which means, I can try alternative therapies for a few months, without it being life threatening.  And should I fail in my attempt to get rid of it by other means, then I can go under the surgeons knife at that point.  Which will invariably involve me having a colostomy bag for the rest of my days.


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  1. Dean

    Hello Vincent, just watched the videos posted by Ty. Fantastic. Can you tell me what protocol you are currently using and if you are getting good results.


    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Hi Dean.

      I’m doing Gerson and the Spooky2 rife machine at the moment. I’m well, and only have an MRI scan to see how it is doing every six months. I’m due another one soon.

  2. Bill Henderson

    My bet is both Gabriel and the Bowel Cancer Dier never even tried to determine the cause(s) of their cancer and deal with them. I’ve coached over 5,000 people in 68 countries with every kind of cancer over the last 17 years. Every one of them who has recovered (thousands of people now) have isolated the cause of their cancer and reversed it. I have asked every one of them if their cancer docs have ever discussed the cause of their cancer with them. The answer is always “No.”. This is just of of the obvious indicators to me that cancer docs have no clue what cancer is nor how to deal with it. They “treat symptoms with drugs and procedures.” Vincent you’re smarter than these other two guys to avoid this. Here’s to your success in bringing this cancer under control

    Curious about what I’ve found almost always causes cancer? 1) Stress/emotional issues that are unresolved; 2) Dental toxins (usually root canal-filled teeth, cavitations or mercury amalgams); 3) What we put in our mouth. Wanna explore it further? Take a look at my website: http://www.Beating-Cancer-Gently.com.

    Bill Henderson, Cancer Coach
    Author “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”

    1. Leisa

      Bill, I have read your book several times and refer to it often. However, I will say that after having kept my cancer stable for years, I experienced explosive growth after 6 weeks on the Budwig muesli. My Naturopath, on hearing of the sudden growth, said I was not an isolated incident and as a result, banned the protocol from her clinic. I have submitted comments about this on your website, but my comments have never been posted.

  3. Gabriel, 58

    The 35 year old person is right. I did 4 years of natural remedies, thinking exactly like you for prostate cancer. In the end when it was out of the capsuleo i had to do surgery radiation and chemo. Not sure that i will get over it, but if i would have had a chance to go back the best choice would be to do conventional medicine. The problem with the natural treatments i had is that they work in the best case very slowly, maybe slower than your slower growing cancer. And if one or tow attempts on your side are not working and you have to swithc to another, you are left behind and may never ba able to catch up. Nobody warns you of that so early as you are now.
    There are people out there that have been successful with natural remedies, but they are lotery winners. The loosers are dead, or silent or fighting for their lives heavily and quietly. Think clear: is your life is more important than the condition in which you will leave? You may win the lotery, or you may give this asvice to others while dieing. But certainly after a natural remedies you will be a changed man, to the better spiritually. So choose wisely dependin on what you want. Good luck!

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Thanks for your message. Please tell me, what natural remedies did you try?

  4. Bowel Cancer Dier

    You make me so angry. Yeah try with your alternative treatments and I bet you are back on here in a few months whining about spread and how you’re going to die. Some of us are not so lucky as to be diagnosed so early. I’d give up my ‘toilet functioning’ to spare me and my family the horror of the past few years trying to ‘buy extra time’ from a disease that is slowly killing me. You have no idea how stupid you are. I can think of at least one high profile person who opted to cure himself naturally before becoming desperate for surgery – Steve Jobs. That didn’t work out too well either. I’m coming across terribly here, because I can hardly see past the anger. I just hope you don’t have any people around you who are terrified of losing you.
    In all likelihood I wil not be here to see the day you post about your bad results. I just wish this comment could make you think and realise what you are doing. Cancer is deadly enough without all the ‘alternative treatment, conspiracy theory’ brigade.
    Stage 4 bowel cancer, diagnosed aged 30, dying aged 35 (and the reason I have made these 4 years is due to the surgery and chemo enemy).

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Sorry, you didn’t leave your name. I am really sorry to hear your news. Please don’t vent your anger at me, when it is really your situation that is angering you.
      Can I ask a question? What would happen if a doctor found a cure for cancer with a natural remedy tomorrow, and it cured 99% of patients with no side effects? It would get discredited by the drug companies, and would be buried. Why? Profit, simple. Astra Zeneca one of the manufacturers of Chemo treatments made 8.4 BILLION pounds profit last year. How much of that comes from chemo treatments?
      And in answer to your question, yes, I have a wife and two kids.
      Please take a look at Ty Bollingers book, something in there may just save your life.

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