Contact Me

I am happy to talk

Please feel free to give me a call, but please consider the timing.  I am in the UK and the time is displayed on the clock to the top left.

My number will be shown / hidden.  If it is hidden, then that means that it is an unappropriate time to call, please wait until my number is showing before calling.



I am not a doctor, I cannot give advice, all I can do, is tell you what I have done, and give you information about what is out there and where to find it.  For medical advice you should seek help from a doctor.

Please help me to continue to help others

If I have helped you please consider making a donation, so that I can continue with this important work of helping people.  I have bills to pay, but feel it is my life’s work to help humanity.  With your help, I can continue my quest.

Love, Vince.





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