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Visitors, please take the time to join and contribute to this forum. It could be an enormous resource for someone seeking help. Your input could be critical. Facebook groups are great, but over time, the information is lost in the eather. Forums are current, because they are categorised. Help your fellow sufferers. Give us your input today!

So, you have been r...

So, you have been recommended Chemo?  

Member Admin

Have you been recommended chemo by a doctor?  

Please take the time and ask him a few questions.

  1. If I was your mother / father, would you still be offering me it?
  2. What is the cure rate for this particular cancer and this particular chemo?  
  3. What are my chances of 10 year survival?
  4. What will it do to my immune system?
  5. What will life "on the chemo" be like?  

The answers to the above will be very interesting to say the least. 

Posted : 03/06/2018 3:09 pm