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Coffee Enemas

Yes, you read it right, coffee enemas.  My body is full of toxins, and the coffee enema is the best way of getting rid of all this stuff.  Once a day is the regime for me.  At the Gerson clinic in Mexico, the patients do one ever four hours.  I do think that is a bit excessive to say the least.

The coffee enema is an ancient procedure.  Simply fill the bucket with organic coffee, specifically grown and ground for the purpose.  Three tablespoons into the coffee maker and a litre of filtered or  distilled water.

Now, get the coffee to body temperature, by cooling the outside of the flask, or simply wait until it cools down sufficiently in air.

Now for the good bit

This whole “cancer journey” has numbed me somewhat to the distaste in talking about ones arse hole.  First I had the doctor stick a finger up there, then the colonoscopy doctor stuck a camera up there, it wouldn’t have been so bad, but it was “betamax”.  Anyway, suffice to say, I’ve had my fair share of procedures.  So sticking a pipe up there and letting a pint of coffee flow in there doesn’t seem such a big deal.  That’s what Dr Nicholas Gonzalez of the famous New York cancer clinic recommends.  One pint, hold it for 10 minutes, get rid of it down the toilet via a bowel movement.  Trust me, that part is really easy.  Then another pint for another 10 minutes.  He’s never had cancer but does one a day just to detox from “city living”.

Difficult to hold in

I have been told that it gets easier over time, I simply want to go to the toilet within seconds of ingesting my pint.  I will update this blog and let you know if that is indeed the case.

Update 5th February 2015.

Yes, it has been difficult to hold in, but today’s exercise made it easier.  Much easier.  Simply add some bicarbonate of soda to the coffee, one teaspoon was all I added.  Then on “run in mode” do it really slowly. Also, leaving the pipe “in” helped too.  I managed to keep hold of it for the allotted time, in fact, I could have held it for much longer.

Update 26th July 2015.

Being precise about the temperature of your coffee really helped me keep it in.  I have written a separate blog post here all about temperature and the inexpensive thermometer to do the job.

Feel incredible

Every time I do a coffee enema, and manage to keep it in for the allotted time, I feel absolutely incredible.  It’s like being on a natural high.  The sort of feeling you get after a really hard session at the gym.

Handbook for physicians

The coffee enema procedure was listed in the Merck Manual, this is a handbook used by doctors all over the world.

Max Gerson

The coffee enema was made popular by Max Gerson MD the author of “A Cancer Therapy” Results of 50 Cases.  Dr Gerson pioneered nutritional therapy for cancer and had some amazing results.  Juicing and coffee enemas were the kingpins of the treatment.

Don’t drink it

The intestine has two circulatory systems.  One system supplies the intestines with blood for use by the systems themselves.  The other is called the portal system.  This critical system draws all of the absorbed nutrients from the intestines and sends them directly to the liver.

Eating and drinking doesn’t go directly into the bloodstream.  Nutrients are absorbed in the whole digestive system, I.E. mouth, stomach, intestines etc.  The rest of the nutrients go into the portal system then to the liver, not to the bloodstream.  Only on exiting the liver does the nutrients go into the bloodstream.

Coffee introduced to the colon will be absorbed into the liver through the colon wall.  If drank instead, it would be mostly destroyed by the acids in the stomach.  It is recommended, whilst on this regime that you limit your coffee drinking to once a week at maximum.  I’ve since cut it out altogether.

Where to get your coffee

This is the company I use to purchase my coffee, and here is a direct link to the exact one.



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