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Prostate Cancer

Posted by on Thu 07 Jun 2018Uncategorised


 Have you been diagnosed with, or think you have Prostate Cancer?  Then worry not, I have read over 50 books on the subject, and it is certainly not life threatening, until the very latest stages, and I argue, even then, not! Why do I say that? Quite simply, that it is one of the slowest […]

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Dr Daniels – The Candida Cleaner

Posted by on Thu 19 Apr 2018Uncategorised


 On my journey to conquer my cancer, I was recommended turpentine, pure gum spirit of Turpentine, and was told to look into the work of Dr. Daniels. See the video section of this website for some of the video’s on Youtube of some of here interviews.  Here is one of her booklets for you to […]

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