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Oct 23

Barry Lynes – The cancer cure that worked.


Amazing. This book has to be the story of the greatest tragedy that has befallen mankind.  It is the story of Royal Raymond Rife. Please Purchase a copy. Once you have read it, I’m sure that you will want to support Barry, please visit amazon and purchase a copy of this book. Download the book …

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Jul 28

Winning the Battle Against Cancer – Elaine Hulliberger


What a journey. Elaine’s husband Dropped dead at her feet, and weeks later she was diagnosed with Cancer.  Not only was it cancer, but it was metastasised Great sub-title I just love that “power to the people” “stick it up em” phrase in the sub-title.  “they said I was going to die, but I didn’t”, …

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Jul 27

Alive and Well – Philip E. Binzel M.D.

Documentary of his life as an MD. Philip Binzel was a medical doctor, who, because he used Amigdalin, B17 otherwise known as Laetrile, was persecuted throughout his career.  This story is more to do with his struggle, than teaching us about the actual therapy. Confirmation of the persecutions This book did serve to confirm the …

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Jul 09

The One Minute Cure – Madison Cavanaugh


The One Minute Cure – Madison Cavanaugh I came across this book when doing a search on youtube for Hydrogen Peroxide therapy.  What I read just blew me away…. here’s how it starts… The information you are about to read in this book will not only shock you, but also anger and excite you at …

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Jul 08

Outsmart Your Cancer – Tanya Harter Pierce

Outsmart Your Cancer – Tanya Harter Pierce Tanya’s own cancer journey started when she started to look into alternative cancer treatments for a family member with cancer, who did not want to go down the toxic route of chemotherapy and radiation. What she discovered was not only treatments that worked, but treatments that actually cured …

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May 27

One Answer to Cancer – A Do it yourself booklet

One Answer to Cancer. The original booklet One Answer to Cancer by Dr Kelley.  A man who had four adopted children, who, upon getting the diagnosis decided that he simply couldn’t die.  Who would take care of the kids?  As the saying goes, right out of apollo 13, “Failure is not an option” Kelley read, …

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Apr 06

Healing Cancer the Gerson Way


Genius Max Gerson. Was born in 1881 in Germany, and if you read the wikipedia account, you would run a mile.  However, the whole wiki article is flawed to say the least.  In there it says that Gerson therapy can be dangerous.  Dangerous, get a grip. They get patients that have been sent home to …

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Mar 25

Why We’re Still Dying to know the truth – Philip Day


Phillip Day. What a great read.  Phillip day talks about the whole B-17 story, and goes into great detail.  A great book having read a world without cancer you can see where much of Phillip has gained his information from. Fully Resourced Every single page has a note about the sources of information in the book, …

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Mar 25

The cure for all cancers – Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark


The cure for all Cancers – Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark The book goes into great detail about the toxins within our environment, and looks at ways to eradicate them, fair enough, and I suppose, with a cancer sentence been given to you in months rather than years, you need to go all out to remove …

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Mar 25

Detox or Die

Detoxify or Die Detoxify or Die was the fourth book I read in my quest for my own cure.  It is by Dr Sherry A Rogers is a very good book,  I do have one complaint though. She kees talking and mentioning all her other books in not only this, but in her other books too.  …

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