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Cancer – My Thoughts

I’m sure, when you look at this site, that it will seem overwhelming, and yet, you are simply looking for answers. What can I Do, to get rid of this dreaded disease? In my quest for the answers for myself, I have learned a lot. I hope I can simplify all that here, in just one page.

  1. Avoid Conventional Treatment.  My friends on the front page of this website are testament to that.  They are no longer here.  But more strongly, do your research fully, chemotherapy is effective in less than 3% of cases.  It comes with a black box warning, that it CAUSES CANCER.  Why would you?  Because you listen to a doctor that has nothing else to offer you? That’s right, his hands are tied.
  2. Get the toxins out.  Learn and do coffee enemas
  3. Get good stuff in.  Juice ORGANIC fruit and vegetables.  More fruit, and move to more veg as you get used to the taste.
  4. Avoid Alcohol altogether, my nemesis, but necessary.
  5. Get off the sugar, cancer is an obligate glucose metabolizer, don’t feed it.  Cut it’s legs off.  Get on a ketogenic diet, and stay on it until your cancer has GONE. 
  6. Chill, learn how to mediate.
  7. Alkalize.  Get sodium bicarbonate a spoon at a time into a pint of water, and drink, all day long.  Get some strips and test your urine, and get yourself up to 9.  If you’re not up there, drink two spoons in a pint of water.  All day long.