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Breast Cancer


You hear the news, you read in the press, get a mammogram every year.  The best way to “catch it early”.  Well actually, the best way to give you breast cancer.  Yes, you read it right.  The best way to GIVE YOU BREAST CANCER.    The mammogram squeezes your breast so that if you do have any tiny cancerous tissue, it is spread by doing the squeezing.

You are simply a statistic 

The only reason for getting people earlier is so that they can claim, down the line, that we are winning the war on cancer.  You are considered cured if you last more than 5 years from initial diagnosis.  It doesn’t matter if you die at 5 years and one day, you are a “success”.  Then they can claim that we have saved “so many more people” we just need you to wear pink again, and run round the park raising more money for this bottomless pit we call “research” what a load of old tosh.

Safe Screening.

Instead of having your breasts squeezed like a water melon in a vice, why not opt for a Thermograph instead?

Breast Cancer Screening

The thermograph detects heat and does not create any discomfort for those having it.  It is 100% safe and is much better at detecting cancer earlier.  Not only does it detect it earlier, any treatment you do can be monitored, to see how it is working, or if indeed it is working. 

So you have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and are offered Chemo.

Please, do not follow your doctors advice without question.  He can only offer you chemo, radiation, or surgery.  He has no other tools in his toolbox.  His hands are tied.  Chemo is not curative for breast cancer, yet they still give it.  


“As a chemist trained to interpret date, it is incomprehensible to me that physicians can ignore the clear evidence that chemotherapy does much, much more harm than good
Alan Nixon, PhD, past President of the American Chemical Society

 “Most patients in this country die of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon or lung cancer. This fact has been documented for over a decade, yet doctors still use chemotherapy for these tumours”.
Dr Allen Levin, UCSF in The Healing of Cancer

Breast Cancer Treatment – Radiation

So what about radiation as a breast cancer treatment?  In the Iodine Crisis (link to my book review) Lynne Farrow asked the following question of a head of oncology from one of the hospitals.

“Does radiation therapy increase overall survival in breast cancer patients?”

I asked this question because I had researched the medical literature and already knew the answer, which was, No. I was
testing him to see if his information was reliable His answer: “Radiation must increase survival because we do
it at our hospital”

Lynne has set up a none profit organization which can be found at BreastCancerChoices.ORG

Treat Yourself

Your only safe option, and the best one for you long term survival is to go to school, and treat yourself. Start by watching this video, and then the rest in the series.  You can visit his site here will now have some knowledge and will have taken yourself out of the dark ages.

Don’t feed the cancer.

If it was me, I would go on a ketogenic diet, why, because cancer feeds on sugar.  So it makes sense to me to cut it’s legs off.  Dr Charles Majors who had brain cancer, and was literally given weeks to live, in his book “The Cancer Killers” describes how cutting out all carbohydrates from his life literally saved his life.  He is now cancer free. 

Get your PH up.  

In the book, Sodium Bicarbonate, Dr Mark Sircus discusses at length the various medical benefits of sodium bicarbonate, and  he describes the whole process used in the following video.  Vernon recommends getting your urine PH above 9 for it to start actively killing the cancer cells.  Something I am actively doing myself on a daily basis.

Please join the forum on this site

Visit the forum which is linked here, or simply click the link in the menu bar at the top.  By being a member of the forum you can discuss your own personal treatments.  How you are doing etc and we can all learn from each other.  The forum is an ideal place for people the world over to finally get a grips with this terrible disease.

It only takes a minute 

It literally will take you a minute to join.  Please join with your real name, that gives the forum a little authority.  Unlike some others with nicknames.  Why should you believe someone who is call “redneck” with your life. 

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