May 26

My P.H. Experiment…. introduction to PH Beats Cancer

PH Beats Cancer!

That’s the claim of Vernon Johnson from his website PH Beats Cancer in the video below.  and this book by Dr Mark Sircus

PH Beats Cancer

Sodium Bicarbonate: Nature’s Unique First Aid Remedy which is a marvellous book.  It describes in detail Vernon Johnson’s protocol, in which he cured himself of stage 4 prostate cancer with Mets to the bones.  

Here’s Vernon’s video…


I have ordered some PH kits to test my Saliva and Urine over the next week.  My plan is to do a full week on the protocol aiming for a PH average of about 8 or so.  Blackstrap molasses is available in my local ASDA store, however, it is expensive for the amount you get.  5 Litres, direct from a “Tack shop” designed for Horses, is much cheaper.


Today is Friday 26th of May 2017 and in preparation for my week on the protocol starting on Monday I am going to have a bath this afternoon, with a cup full of Sodium Bicarbonate in the water.  I may follow that with a Sodium Bicarbonate Enema which will both clear me out and help eliminate Candida from my system.


Obviously, I am going to have to watch what I eat during the experiment, but don’t really have a clue on this front.  I have therefore tried to contact Vernon Personally for some guidance on this front.

A little Background Information

I have got to know my Cancer very well.  Because of it’s position, close to my anus, I can literally feel when something is either Working, or not.  When I have some carbs and “feed it” I know about it.  When I have done things in the past that have had some benefit, like Spooky2 rife machine, and the Turpentine / Sugar protocol, my symptoms have disappeared for a short time.  I will literally be able to track my progress.  I will be able to “feel” if it is working or not.


Bath and enema done at the same time.  Bath full of warm water, 1 cup of Sodium Bicarbonate added, enema water was filtered water, heated to body temperature, then Sodium Bicarbonate added until it would no longer be in saturate.  I.E. added until some powder didn’t dissolve.


My pulse rate went up whilst laid in the bath to around 104 bpm.  Other than that, I had no ill effects other than the tinnitus I usually suffer from is particularly bad as I type this.  No feeling from the tumour area and no ill effects felt except that I have an unquenchable thirst.

Follow My Progress

You can follow my progress… I will add further pages to this blog all in the same Category with a direct links from the Menu Bar Above.


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