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May 26

My P.H. Experiment…. introduction to PH Beats Cancer

PH Beats Cancer! That’s the claim of Vernon Johnson from his website PH Beats Cancer in the video below.  and this book by Dr Mark Sircus Sodium Bicarbonate: Nature’s Unique First Aid Remedy which is a marvellous book.  It describes in detail Vernon Johnson’s protocol, in which he cured himself of stage 4 prostate cancer with …

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Jan 13

The Royal Raymond Rife Story

All things have a “resonance” frequency. Take a look at this clip, shattering a glass with sound.   Take it one step further Given the “wind” blowing at just the right frequency, you can make something a whole lot bigger vibrate to destruction   So that’s the big… what about something very small? You can …

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Nov 23

Cancer – Candida Connection.


Tulio Simoncini A cancer – candida connection?  Simoncini States that cancer is a fungus.  He states, that every time there is an autopsy and the cancer is inspected, that it is white, and if you look at it under a microscope, then it is indistinguishable from candida. Survey. I asked on a facebook group of …

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Oct 23

Barry Lynes – The cancer cure that worked.


Amazing. This book has to be the story of the greatest tragedy that has befallen mankind.  It is the story of Royal Raymond Rife. Please Purchase a copy. Once you have read it, I’m sure that you will want to support Barry, please visit amazon and purchase a copy of this book. Download the book …

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Oct 23

Global Quest – 09

Ty Bollingers groundbreaking series 09    

Oct 23

Global Quest – 08

Ty Bollingers groundbreaking series 08    

Oct 23

Global Quest – 07

Ty Bollingers groundbreaking series 07    

Oct 23

Global Quest – 06

Ty Bollingers groundbreaking series 06    

Oct 22

Global Quest – 05

Ty Bollingers groundbreaking series 05    

Oct 22

Global Quest – 04

Ty Bollingers groundbreaking series 04    

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