Jul 27

Alive and Well – Philip E. Binzel M.D.

Documentary of his life as an MD.

Philip Binzel was a medical doctor, who, because he used Amigdalin, B17 otherwise known as Laetrile, was persecuted throughout his career.  This story is more to do with his struggle, than teaching us about the actual therapy.

Confirmation of the persecutions

This book did serve to confirm the facts I had read elsewhere about the FDA and drug companies going after people who cured their patients of cancer.

Confirmation of the Laetrile’s ability to kill cancer cells

The successful treatments carried out by Dr Binzel, really did leave his patients alive and well.  Unlike the patients of those doing the persecuting.

Would I recommend this book?

Yes, but only to learn what I have mentioned above.  If you are a cancer patient, looking for help to get well, then this is not the book for you.  I recommend Ty Bolinger’s Cancer Step outside the box, and Outsmart your cancer by Tanya Harter Pierce.  See the books menu above for a review of both books.



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  1. Peter fox

    Like everybody were all scared of so called cures for cancer,brainwashed?prob,but my wife has now been diagnosed an I’m looking of ways of doin my job,looking after her.Is there any truth in the cure you developed? Or is it just a false hope?if true why isn’t it available ? Foxfamily17@hotmail.co.uk I love my wife

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