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Welcome to the Interesting Information Section.

In this section, I have shared some interesting information that doesn't fit into any other catagory.

Dr Mark Sircus – Hydrogen Medicine

Posted by on Mon 28 May 2018


 This book was released on a facebook group in word format. Here it is in your three seperate formats for your preferred e-reader. AZW3 for kindle and EPUB and MOBI format for others. They have been compressed in zip format to save me the bandwidth. Hydrogen Medicine is revolutionary – Mark Sircus.azw3 Hydrogen Medicine is […]

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Dr Kelly – One Answer to Cancer

Posted by on Sun 27 May 2018


 There are a number of video’s on this site, that are shot with Dr Nicholas Gonzalez talking about the great man Dr Kelly, and how it was his job to investigate him, and prove him to be a quack.  In the process Nick became Kelly’s greatest advocate.  One of the books that Dr Kelly wrote […]

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Dr Daniels – Turpentine and Candida

Posted by on Thu 24 May 2018


 On my journey to conquer my cancer, I was recommended turpentine, pure gum spirit of Turpentine, and was told to look into the work of Dr. Daniels. See the video section of this website for some of the video’s on Youtube of some of here interviews.  Here is one of her booklets for you to […]

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