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24 Jan 2016

Spooky 2 Rife Machine – The Start of my Journey


From this post, on 24th January 2016, until 11th August 2017 will be my Rife Machine cancer colorectal journey.  It is a copy of every post that I made in the spooky two forum.  I will add the comments from people who commented, once I get their permission to copy it here.   Some work.  Here is the start.  


Vince Says
You can follow the whole of the rife machine thread here at the spooky2 forum. It certainly helped, but it was no cure for me. It certainly wasn’t the magic bullet, and if you read the whole thread, you will see that I gave it more than a little bit of a chance.

My Attempt at beating my cancer using a rife machine.

If you have no idea what one of them is, may I suggest you buy a copy of this great book, and teach yourself. 

So, direct from the spooky2 forum, here is my post, on this date.

Hello People. I have titled this thread as such so that it will show up for others in the future.

My spooky central final part was delivered last Monday 18th January 2016, and I set about using it straight away. So, here’s what I have been doing.

Firstly, I downloaded the “preset” from David Bourke (Thanks David), for “Cancer Viruses Plasma” attached below, and ran them. Taking a mental note of what “seemed” to be working. When I say, seemed to be working, let me explain a little further.

Cancer Viruses Plasma.txt
(3.16 KiB) Downloaded 78 times

My tumour is close to my anus, and as we all know, cancer loves sugar (obligate glucose metaboliser) as per Otto Warburg. Now when I feed it with a pint of beer, or a bag of chips or whatever carbs, I can feel a “pain” in the area. Suffice to say, I try not to feed it as best that I can. 

So, because I can feel it when it’s being fed, that gives me the opportunity to “feel it” if it’s being “killed” So, in the presets are as follows.



Dwell times 300 per frequency. 
I was hoping that I could give a definitive answer to the collective about 1607450 and 1604000 to say which was best, and if I was to put a wager on it, then it would be 1604000, however, I did feel a pain in the area with all the frequencies when running the plasma. BTW, I was laid on the bed, with the tube as close as I could get it to the tumour. Ultra sonic was held just above johnny thomas at the front, and the tens pads were right hand, left foot. 

I ran this for an hour straight. (one after the other) 

I then decided to do a bio feedback scan, and kill what I found. The bio scan was in simple contact mode (no plasma) 

This was the scan settings, thanks again David, for your help early in my journey.


However, I unticked the single scan box to do a full and accurate scan. Which took over 90 minutes. 

I do have a problem with this method though, some “fly in the ointment” so to speak. I suffer with rosacea, a skin complaint that started this whole journey, and when I run the bio feedback scan this shouts louder than the cancer at times. I can feel a tingling in my face where the rosacea spots lie as I run the bio scan, and yes, I want to eradicate the rosacea from my face, it isn’t life threatening. 

So, I get the results which are as follows…



I then run JW spooky central preset, with the plasma, ultrasound, and contact as above for an hour straight. 

I then ran the cancer viruses plasma again for good measure.

Now, although I did feel some “numbness” in the area of the tumour when I was running all of the above, I did try to make a mental note of which frequencies were giving me the “most numb” feeling. 1604000 does feel good. 

So… I ran all of the above for 4 days straight (it took up my week) I am a little disappointed I haven’t had any herx reaction whatsoever. Yes I did get tired when running the plasma tube, and fell asleep at times, a herx would make me think I’ve been hitting the MOR’s. At the moment, I don’t think I have.

So, my next plan, will start it tomorrow, and I was thinking about doing a bio scan from 1603000 to 1605000 then killing it for an hour, any input would be greatly appreciated.

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